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Continental ExtremeContact DWS All Season UHP Tires


Continental ExtremeContact DWS All Season UHP Tires Continental ExtremeContact DWS all season tires offer ultra high performance sedans and sports cars that all-important grip in every kind of situation. These tires come with an 80,000 km limited tread wear warranty from Continental.

Features of Continental ExtremeContact DWS All Season UHP Tires

The DWS in the name refers to the dry, wet and light snow traction you can expect from these tires. Continental is able to provide this capability through a variety of features they’ve built into the design and construction of the tire.

Dry performance is enhanced by the inclusion of unique “Chamfered” edges along with solid shoulder blocks. These help to generate more downward force for greater acceleration and control. Wet traction benefits from the large void to tread ratio. The clear water evacuation paths to reduce your risk of hydroplaning. Snow and ice traction is provided by the enormous number of grooves and biting edges in the tread pattern.

An innovative wear away indicator is included to show you when the tire no longer has optimal traction in each kind of weather. Each groove also includes biting teeth inside for even more grip on snow and slush. The computer optimized pattern minimizes rolling resistance for better fuel mileage and heat distribution, lowering your price at the pump and helping your tires to last longer.

Choosing Continental ExtremeContact DWS All Season UHP Tires

If you like to have your ultra high performance vehicle on hand all year long without worrying about your safety, the Continental ExtremeContact DWS has all the features you need to drive in most weather situations.