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Cooper Discoverer SRX SUV Tires


Cooper Discoverer SRX SUV tires are a replacement option for SUVs and CUVs that combines maximum durability and ride comfort with capable all season performance. These tires come with a 105,000 km limited treadwear warranty to help protect your investment, and they also feature an M+S rating for use in mud and snow thanks to the generous amount of void space in the tread.

Features of Cooper Discoverer SRX SUV Tires

Every part of the tread is designed to offer grip in particular situations. The 5 rib tread pattern gives you a solid footing on the highway and helps make your driving experience feel more stable and responsive. By distributing vehicle weight across all 5 ribs, it also improves your expected tread life. Wide traction grooves help to clear water from the surface of the road by providing uninterrupted evacuation routes. This reduces the risk of hydroplaning and gives you additional grip in wet weather.

3-D Micro-Gauge Dimple sipes are an innovation developed by Cooper that provides additional tire stability by creating interlocking elements in each tread block. This prevents tread squirm, improves responsiveness, and helps to prevent stone collection in the tread. The Winter-Edge shoulder pattern increases snow on snow traction for improved winter performance in tough road situations.

Choosing Cooper Discoverer SRX SUV Tires

If you are looking for extremely quiet and comfortable highway performance for your SUV or CUV, the Cooper Discoverer SRX is a durable option with plenty of traction available all year round.

Limited Treadwear Warranty