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Dick Cepek Fun Country OTR Tires


Dick Cepek Fun Country OTR tires are an all terrain replacement option for light truck and SUV drivers looking for style and substance in their next set of tires. These tires are manufactured to meet LT metric specifications for heavier towing and load capacity needs.

Features of Dick Cepek Fun Country OTR Tires

The Fun Country earns its name because of the kind of trouble you might find yourself in while driving on them—the fun kind of trouble. It has heavy duty 3-ply sidewalls for increased puncture resistance and less tire deformation. This should make it easier and less risky for you to climb over and across some of the most jagged of terrain.

An enhanced tread compound helps the tire resist tearing and chipping while the built in stone ejectors makes sure you’re not carrying any extra passengers as your tire spins. Lateral grooves with offset blocks offer grip on every kind of surface and because they are phased out of sync with one another, they also help to decrease road noise.

Interlocking tread blocks keep your handling consistent and steady without sacrificing void space. If you find yourself in deep, a notched shoulder design, scalloped ribs, and Sidebiter sidewall elements all work together to provide extreme traction in even the worst driving situations.

Choosing Dick Cepek Fun Country OTR Tires

If you’re looking for a tire that stands out because of its emphasis on off road style and performance, the Dick Cepek Fun Country is miles ahead of the competition.