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Dunlop Mud Rover All-Season Tires


The Dunlop Mud Rover All-Season Tires are an all-season tire that specializes in getting you in and out of sticky situations. Its wide chunky tread blocks and huge amount of void spaces are perfect for climbing over rocks and mud on your next off-road adventure.

Features of Dunlop Mud Rover All-Season Tires

Dunlop Mud Rover All-Season Tires are able to attain such excellent traction by utilizing a traditional off-road design combined with construction and tread compound technology improvements. The open spaces in the tread are self cleaning so you will have grip after every rotation in the muck. Centre Tread bars give you rugged handling on and off road, starting, stopping, and cornering. 6 full plies in the construction of the casing give the tire extraordinary puncture resistance and excellent strength and durability. High ply turn-up gives extra strength to the sidewall and helps protect against bruises and punctures. Despite the chunky lug pattern, 5 pitch design elements in the tread keep road noise to a minimum. The white outlined lettering on the sidewall gives the tire a stylish look on your vehicle.

Choosing Mud Rover All-Season Tires

If you want a light truck or SUV all-season tire that has off the chart off-road traction at an affordable price, the Dunlop Mud Rover All-Season Tires are a great way to stay muddy.