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General Tire Grabber HTS Truck Tires


General Tire Grabber HTS truck tires are developed to offer premium traction to SUV, Crossover, and light truck drivers. It comes with a 96,000 km limited treadwear warranty on T-Rated models and a 72,000 km limited tread wear warranty for H-Rated and LT designated fitments.

Features of General Tire Grabber HTS Truck Tires

The Grabber HTS was developed using experience that General Tire has honed as a premiere light truck tire manufacturer. This particular brand of Grabber includes Duragen Construction which is comprised of ultra-high strength steel belts, micro-fibre casing reinforcements, and a broad tire contour. This keeps the tire from deforming when under heavy load or travelling at highway speed so you’ll have longer and more even tread wear. The casing has cushioning for more driver comfort and noise cancelling pockets to keep your cabin area quiet. Response grooves and Stablink bars link together for greater stability and fast, responsive handling. Three different kinds of siping in the tread pattern provide lots of biting edges for additional traction in every kind of weather. The newest generation of tread compound technology is included in the rubber blend for lower rolling resistance and better expected fuel mileage.

Choosing General Tire Grabber HTS Truck Tires

If you put a lot of mileage on your light truck or SUV/Crossover and you want to save money on gas without sacrificing a comfortable ride, the General Tire Grabber HTS has the features you need to save you money.