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General Tire AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tires


The General Tire AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tires are a winter tire that continues to perform as well as other brands despite costing less than other similar performing tires. It offers an excellent blend of traction, comfort, and durability that is difficult to match at this price point. It even comes with the potential for studding for drivers who need the extra traction it brings.

Features of General Tire AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tires

General Tire AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tires use a proprietary Quad-Tech technology to give them performance in every category and all situations. The Multi Angle Sipe system gives each sipe the ability to grip in every direction, so you’ll have extra traction stopping, starting, and cornering. A directional tread footprint with sweeping chutes enhances straight line acceleration and greater defence against hydroplaning. Reactive Contour Technology keeps an optimum amount of tread on the ground at all times, so you’ll have longer, more even wear. Finally, the natural rubber tread is combined with an extreme amount of silica to give the tire flexibility in cold weather for greater winter traction.

Choosing General Tire AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tires

General Tire has developed an amazingly cost-effective winter tire with the AltiMAX Arctic. Anyone who is looking for s safe and affordable way to drive this winter, would do well to consider it for their vehicle.