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Goodyear Ultra Grip WRT


Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT winter tires for SUV’s and CUV’s are premium winter performers in their class, fully prepared to take you and your family safely through the winter. Goodyear developed Winter Reactive Technology (WRT), this tire has all the newest innovations to tackle the toughest driving conditions.


WRT includes new technologies like a special winter rubber compound designed to achieve more traction on snow and ice by helping the tire remain soft in sub-zero temperatures. Sweeping tread blocks direct water away from the tire, while the directional tread design helps push your vehicle forward. Multitudes of little cuts in each tread block, called sipes, create hundreds of additional biting edges to grab available traction on the snow and ice. 3D TreadLock shoulder blocks are designed to lock together when under load during cornering or other high speed maneuvers to ensure that you have the best possible driving feedback and traction. A rim protector is built in to protect your wheels from brushing up too closely to curbs and other low obstacles. For those who need even more ice and snow assurance, this tire also comes with optional studding capability.

Choosing Goodyear Ultra Grip WRT SUV/CUV Winter Tires

The Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT is the premium winter option for the safety oriented SUV/CUV driver looking for the best possible traction this winter. And if superior performance wasn’t enough, this tire also qualifies for the Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty from Goodyear.