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GT Radial Champiro IcePro 2 Winter Tires


GT Radial’s Champiro IcePro 2 winter tires are an affordable choice for light truck drivers who are looking for good ice and snow traction this winter. It comes in a number of LT rated sizes so you can continue to haul larger loads safely as the temperature drops.


The Champiro IcePro 2 has a number of features that help it attain great value traction in its category. Wide void areas in a directional tread help the tire to get going in deep snow. Large circular and sweeping chutes defend against hydroplaning and increase wet traction by clearing water away from the road surface.

A specially formulated rubber blend incorporates a high degree of silica to keep the tire flexible in cold weather, increasing your available traction.

A high number of sipes in the tread footprint extend all the way to the tire shoulder. These small cuts in the tread act as additional points of traction on slippery surfaces when starting, stopping, and cornering.

For drivers able to take advantage of studding, the IcePro 2 also has an offset stud distribution to better improve traction and reduce road noise.

Choosing GT Radial Champiro IcePro 2 Winter Tires

The GT Radial Champiro IcePro 2 is a great alternative to pricier brands for the cost conscious consumer. If you’d like winter tires with effective ice and snow performance at a price you can afford, consider GT Radial for your next set.