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GT Radial Savero Komodo M/T Plus


The GT Radial Savero Komodo M/T PLUS is a heavy duty mud traction tire for light trucks and SUV drivers that want excellent grip in the most extreme off-road conditions.


To achieve such a high level of extreme traction, the Komodo M/T PLUS was designed with a wealth of features to complement your off-road adventures. This includes a chip and cut resistant new tread compound that will keep your tires lasting as you drive over sharp objects. Steel belts in the casing are reinforced with a full nylon cap for more strength and durability and less risk of punctures. The specially designed bead area is built to more tightly adhere to the rim flange so you can get in and out of more precarious situations without worrying about losing air pressure. Rugged sidewall features protect the tire from sticks and other puncture risks while also providing even more gripping areas for traction in the deepest of mud pits. The tire is able to clean itself out after every rotation by using its built in stone ejectors to prevent stone drilling and maintain traction. The phased heavy lug design is perfect for uneven off-road terrain and helps to minimize road noise for a more comfortable driving experience on your way to your favourite off-road destination.

Choosing GT Radial Komodo M/S Plus Tires

If you’re interested in a premium off-road driving experience with an emphasis on mud traction, the GT Radial Savero Komodo M/T PLUS has many of the same features as major brands at a much more affordable price point. Contact your local TIRECRAFT dealer today to learn more about your off-road options. a