Hankook Winter i*cept Evo Winter Tires


The Hankook Winter i*Cept Evo is a premium winter tire built to satisfy the needs of driving enthusiasts and their high performance vehicles. It incorporates all the latest tire technologies to deliver the best in winter performance. It is available in common high performance sizes from 15 to 20 inch rim diameters. It is available in H and V speed ratings.


A stylish tread conceals many features designed to carry you around in safety and comfort in winter. Circumferential channels in the tread provide additional wet traction by clearing away water and slush. Deep slots in the tread joined with a high percentage of void help the tire attain grip in deep snow. 3D sipes in the tread block act as additional biting edges on hard-packed snow and ice. The 3D nature of the sipes enables them to remain stiff during maneuvers so they don’t lose any of their grip. An advanced pitch design keeps the contact patch on the road for more even wear, and a quieter, more comfortable ride. The rubber compound is specially designed to stay soft during cold weather so it can retain grip on the road, while the addition of silica keeps its durability up.

Choosing Hankook i*cept Evo Winter Tires

The Hankook Winter i*Cept Evo is a winter tire for those drivers looking to maintain performance whatever the weather. Dry, wet, ice, and snow capability have all been factored into its construction. If you plan to drive this winter in all kinds of weather, and you are looking for an affordable high performance solution that matches your vehicle needs, i*Cept Evo winter tires are an excellent option.

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