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Michelin Latitude Tour Truck Tires


Michelin Latitude Tour truck tires are purpose built for drivers of Crossovers and SUVs who are looking for a solid combination of performance, durability, and comfort—all while still being tremendously fuel efficient. As if that wasn’t enough, the Latitude Tour also comes with a Michelin backed 110,000 km limited treadwear warranty to help protect your tire investment.

Features of Michelin Latitude Tour Truck Tires

Michelin has utilized their advanced manufacturing processes involving casing and tread design to create a new class of performance for the SUV/Crossover driver. This includes Michelin Comfort Control Technology that absorbs vibrations and suppresses road noise for a more comfortable drive. The tread is comprised of a special rubber compound that allows it to roll much easier than its competition so you’ll have improved fuel mileage. The improvements to the rubber compound don’t end there; it also has a high degree of silica added to grant additional traction in wet conditions.

The tread itself has several circumferential chutes that run along the whole of the tire and that help clear out water from the road surface. When combined with the Michelin developed 2D sipes in each tread block, you’ll get amazing wet performance. These 2D sipes are full depth and also lock together during cornering so you’ll never lose traction due to your sipes collapsing upon one another.

Choosing Michelin Latitude Tour Truck Tires

The Michelin Latitude Tour is a great option for SUV or Crossover drivers looking for a comfortable drive, with performance and durability to spare. If you’re ready to sample legendary Michelin performance, choose the Michelin Latitude Tour for your vehicle.

Limited Treadwear Warranty