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Michelin Super Sport Performance Tires


Michelin Super Sport performance tires look like they just came off a race car and into your driveway. It is an ultra performance summer tire option that was inspired by Michelin success at endurance racing like the 24 hours of racing at Le Mans. It comes with a 50,000 km limited tread wear warranty from Michelin; a class leading wear life completely unexpected in this tire category.

Features of Michelin Super Sport Performance Tires

It has more than just outstanding durability to hang its hat on. Precision engineering combined with proprietary new rubber compounds in the tread have led to the Super Sport being able to claim up to 12% better handling metrics than its leading competition. The dual compound is present in both the shoulder and exterior for greater dry grip while the tread design and center compound is focused on wet traction.

A high performance sport tire has to be strong so it doesn’t deform when travelling at high speed. The Super Sport uses a Twaron belt package with reinforced steel to make sure it keeps stiff and strong on the highway or track, whether cornering or accelerating. This additional stability across the tread footprint keeps the tire from developing uneven wear and enhances long term wear life.

Choosing Michelin Super Sport Performance Tires

The Michelin Super Sport is the tire for any high performance drivers looking to use their sports car for more than just weekends this summer. If you want a durable performer with the performance capability that only Michelin can offer, than you’ll love the Michelin Super Sport.

Limited Treadwear Warranty