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Michelin Primacy HP Performance Tires


Michelin Primacy HP performance tires are luxury performance summer tires that offer premium handling in wet and dry conditions. It was designed for a combination of comfort and ability and is original equipment on vehicles such as the Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6, and Lexus GS 430. It comes with a several various limited treadwear warranties dependent on speed rating to protect your investment.

Features of Michelin Primacy HP Performance Tires

Michelin performance tires are built using precision engineering techniques with the latest tire technologies. The Primacy HP even attains the difficult Green X certification from Michelin for its enhanced fuel mileage, energy efficiency, and low rolling resistance. It also comes available in a zero pressure variant for vehicles with no room for spares who don’t want to get stranded in the event of a loss of air pressure.

The Primacy HP utilizes a proprietary rubber blend to achieve exceptional handling and traction on wet surfaces, without compromising dry grip. The computer optimized tread footprint is designed to clear water away from the road surface by utilizing the circumferential grooves running throughout the tire. A curved shoulder maintains consistent traction while cornering, so you won’t have a sudden loss of traction, and you’ll receive feedback directly from the road, so you can better gauge the limits of your vehicle capabilities.

Choosing Michelin Primacy HP Performance Tires

The Michelin Primacy HP is a spectacular tire for anyone seeking to make the jump in performance to Michelin or wanting to continue with the manufacturer suggested specifications for their vehicle. One thing is for certain,  you’ll get great fuel mileage, comfort, and performance with the Michelin Primacy HP.

Limited Treadwear Warranty

TC_55K_WYZRated_Treadwear TC_70K_HVRated_Treadwear