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Pirelli P Zero Performance Tires


Pirelli P Zero performance tires are an ultra high performance summer tire option that can be found on some of the fastest cars in the world. This includes ultra-premium brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin to name a few. It is even available with Run Flat Technology for sports cars that don’t have room for a spare.

Features of Pirelli P Zero Performance Tires

Pirelli has pulled out all the stops to make the Pirelli P Zero performance tire perfect for ultra high performance drivers. It has a uniquely blended nano-composite rubber compound that promises amazing traction on wet and dry roads. It has a tread design that incorporates three solid ribs so that there is always plenty of tread contact for less tire deformation and more control at high speeds.

The shoulder is comprised of thick continuous blocks for better stability and faster responses when cornering. Multiple wide circumferential grooves give water a fast way to clear the road surface for improved wet traction. A reinforced casing with an asymmetric contour gives the tire an increased area for its contact patch. This has multiple benefits including reduced noise, longer durability, and better fuel mileage.

Choosing Pirelli P Zero Performance Tires

If you are interested in performance that sets the standard for what a vehicle can accomplish on the road, the Pirelli P Zero performance tires are a proven and accomplished choice for even the most premium of sports cars.