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Toyo Celsius All Weather Tire


The Toyo Celsius is an all weather tire for drivers looking for an added degree of safety over an all season tire during occasional snow falls and cold temperatures but don’t want, or can’t incur the expense of buying, installing and storing winter tires. It straddles the line between all season and winter tires by providing longer treadwear than a traditional winter tire and better snow and ice traction that an all season. Although a true winter tire is recommended during times of severe winter conditions, the Celsius rides smooth in the summer but is ready for winter. It comes with a 100,000 km limited tread wear warranty and is available in S, T, and H speed ratings.

Features of the Toyo Celsius All Weather Tire

The Celsius contains an abundance of tread enhancements to make sure that it is useful when you need it most. It has dual tread segments for both winter and all season traction with one side more heavily siped for better ice and snow traction. Each of these sipes is deeply molded with multi-wave technology that stiffens tread blocks for more stability and less tread wear. Tread blocks are staggered with saw tooth edges to reduce road noise and increase available traction on all surfaces. Deep wide circumferential grooves effectively move water and slush off the surface of the road for better grip in extreme weather situations like snow and rain. These grooves also have embedded snow claws that provide extra biting power in snow and help to maintain tread block rigidity. A newly developed tread compound promises to offer matching all season and winter performance without compromising tread wear. The advanced tread design reduces noise and reduces deformation for greater stability at highway speeds. It also is the first Toyo tire to have alignment indicators built in to help drivers recognize potential alignment issues. Stamped with transport Canada’s snowflake symbol indicates it is ready for winter conditions.

Choosing the Toyo Celsius All Weather Tire

Toyo Tires states that for ultimate winter safety a dedicated winter tire should be used; however, in the right region, the Celsius could be your safest all weather choice .