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Toyo Versado Eco All Season Tires


Toyo Versado Eco all season tires are an environmentally friendly and fuel efficient all season tire option that was designed to meet the needs of hybrid sedan, minivan, and passenger based SUV owners. It comes available in T, H, and V Speed ratings to meet the needs of most hybrid owners and every fitment is also backed by an 80,000 km limited wear out warranty from Toyo.

Features of Toyo Versado Eco All Season Tires

To be fuel efficient and eco-friendly, the Versado needed more than just a new design; it needed a whole new manufacturing outlook. Toyo developed Tecology; a manufacturing process which uses less CO2 in the building phase, naturally occurring tread compound materials, and recycled polyester in the casing. The result is a tire that weighs less, rolls more easily, and has less of an impact on the environment. This low rolling resistance also helps your vehicle attain better fuel mileage so you can save money at the pump. Beyond its eco-friendly credentials, the Versado Eco has real all season performance. It features multi-wave sipes that are designed to give you extra biting edges when you need them and to help keep tread blocks stable. An off-set 3-pitch passed tread block design keeps the tire from producing too much noise as it contacts the road for a more quiet and comfortable drive. Toyo also included Silent Wall technology which utilizes narrow cuts in groove walls that disrupt air flow to prevent the tire from creating resonance frequencies for even less potential road noise. Driving in wet weather is made safer by the inclusion of multiple circumferential channels that clear away water and defend against hydroplaning.

Choosing Toyo Versado Eco All Season Tires

If you are concerned about the impact you and your vehicle have on the environment, you can help to make your footprint even smaller by choosing the affordable and fuel efficient Toyo Versado Eco.

Limited Treadwear Warranty