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Yokohama Performance Tires

Yokohama Performance Tires


Yokohama performance tires are ultra high performance tires built to handle every curve in the road you can throw at it. It offers a great combination of the performance your high performance vehicle requires and the comfort that you would expect.

Features of Yokohama Performance Tires

Yokohama has made sure that the stands out among competitors with a great combination of manufacturing and design improvements. The micro-flexible rubber compound in the tread is composed of nanotechnology and silica to have better grip in wet and dry conditions and to reach miniscule surface variations in the road. Jointless belt cover construction enables the tire to have more stiffening strength so that it can meet speed rating standards all the way up to Y. 4 Circumferential grooves in the tread keep water moving out of your path for greater defense against hydroplaning and better grip in wet conditions. The solid centre rib keeps the tire stable and improves handling and responsiveness. The tire is able to distribute tread wear and road stress by the use of groove in groove tread design. Finally, variable angled grooves optimize grip by always having a biting edge handy whether you are starting, stopping, or cornering.

Choosing Yokohama Performance Tires

If you like to hold your tires to a higher standard and want to enjoy your time on the road, the Yokohama may be the tire for you.