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Yokohama W.Drive V905

Overview of the Yokohama W.Drive V905

The Yokohama W.Drive V905 is the perfect winter tire for performance car owners that want to enjoy their vehicle all year long. It is packed with traction enhancing technology that certifies it all the way up to V and W speed ratings. It can also fit rim diameters from 16 to 20 inches.

Features of the Yokohama W.Drive V905

In order to meet government requirements for winter tires as well as provide expert levels of traction, Yokohama loaded this design with features designed to increase grip in both normal and winter conditions. The rubber compound was designed from the ground up in order to have more effective use through more types of weather. This new compound contributes to a lighter overall tire weight, which means less rolling resistance and fewer stops at the pump. Both orange oil and silica has been added to the compound giving it added grip and softness. Triple 3D sipes are paired with 2D sipes for biting edges on every surface. These sipes lock together to keep tread blocks stiff and firm during acceleration, stopping, and cornering. Large slanted grooves combine with the directional tread for extra traction in every kind of situation. These grooves also provide an effective tunnel to clear away water from the road surface for less risk of accidental hydroplaning.

Choosing the Yokohama W.Drive V905

If you own a performance vehicle and like to enjoy it year round, the Yokohama W.Drive V905 offers a high level of winter capability at an affordable price. Your local TIRECRAFT representative can help you find out which winter tire would be best for your vehicle on your next visit.