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4 Signs It’s Time to Book Car Service

At TIRECRAFT, we recommend you book a car service after every 5,000km or 3 months of driving, but you should also be aware of the following 4 signs of trouble.

1.  Flashing Check Engine Light? Book A Car Service!

We can’t say what’s causing your “check engine” light to turn on—it could be any of the hundreds of systems that your car’s computer monitors—but you should definitely book a car service sometime soon.

However, if the check engine light is flashing, it means you need to have the engine checked immediately. More often than not, flashing check engine lights indicate problems with the emissions system, which can drastically damage the catalytic convertor if left untreated.

If you need help identifying the dashboard symbol you see, or you want to book your car service right away, find a TIRECRAFT location near you.

2.  Smoke Billowing From Under the Hood? Book A Car Service!

This one’s probably a no-brainer—your vehicle should never have any type of smoke coming from under the hood. If it does, you’re probably looking at an overheating issue, which could seriously harm your engine without attention. If you do have to drive somewhere, keep an eye on your vehicle’s temperature gauge, making sure it’s not rising.

The best thing you can do when you see smoke coming from under the hood is to contact your local TIRECRAFT provider.

3.  Excessive Smoke Bleeding From the Exhaust? Book A Car Service!

If you notice the exhaust emitting more smoke than usual, it may be a sign that you have an oil leak. You may also smell burning.

Don’t be alarmed if you see some white smoke upon starting your vehicle in the winter. This is a normal reaction, as water vapor is expelled from the exhaust, and it should subside once the engine heats up. If the smoke persists, or if you see a black residue on the bumper of your car near the exhaust pipe, book a car service ASAP.

4.  Spotting Leaks Underneath your Car? Book A Car Service!

If you notice any major leaks underneath your car, book a car service straight away. While it is normal for some moisture to pool underneath your car in the summer months, as water drips from your air conditions near the front passenger side, most leaks indicate serious problems.

Look closely at the colour of the leak to learn more. Bright green leaks towards the front of the car may be coolant, while dark red or brown may be transmission oil, engine oil, or brake fluid.

Remember: anything but water requires professional attention. Get assistance from a TIRECRAFT near you.

Book A Car Service At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Since 1968, TIRECRAFT experts have been providing superior automotive services for Canadians in need. Our technicians and mechanics are fully certified to perform all factory required maintenance services, including:

We also offer an extensive catalog of both premium and budget-friendly tires, wheels, and aftermarket performance parts and accessories, helping you save time and money by satisfying all your vehicular needs in one place. And speaking of saving money, don’t forget to check out the TIRECRAFT promotions page to find active loyalty rewards and rebate programs near you.

Ready to book your car service? Find a TIRECRAFT location near you to schedule auto repair and maintenance services for your vehicle.