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4 Tips To Control Service Costs When Visiting A Tire Repair Shop

Whether you’re a long haul trucker or a white collar worker with a quick morning commute, tires are your number-one maintenance cost. But you can control the amount you spend at local tire repair shops, and help keep the roadways safer, by investing in cost-effective vehicle maintenance.

That’s what today’s post is all about. Read on for 4 tips to control service costs when visiting your local TIRECRAFT tire repair shop, or contact an ASE-certified technician for a free quote straight away.

4 Ways To Control Service Costs At Local Tire Repair Shops

The first of the following three maintenance tips come courtesy of Bridgestone Commercial’s tire-saving tutorial, Reducing Tire Costs Through Effective Maintenance, while the last is exclusively available at your local TIRECRAFT.

  • Keep your tires properly inflated. This basic maintenance task is easily overlooked, but it’s essential for road safety, fuel efficiency, and minimizing tire repair shop costs. Checking your tire pressure only takes a few moments, so we recommend doing so daily to avoid any nasty surprises. Always check air pressure when the tires are cold, before driving, as heat generated from tire friction can increase your tire pressure, giving you a faulty reading. If you forget to check your tire pressure before you drive, wait 3 to 4 hours for your tires to cool down. This will ensure an accurate reading.

    For best results, make sure you’re using an accurate tire gauge (do not try to assess tire pressure with a mallet, club, or kick!), and, if necessary, top up your air pressure straight away. While many commercially available tire pressure gauges can give accurate readings nowadays, your local TIRECRAFT can help you eliminate any doubt, and top you up on the spot.

  • Inspect your tires and check your tread depth. The sooner you spot any problems with your tire tread, the less you’ll have to spend getting them fixed at your local tire repair shop. Most forms of tire degradation, such as cracking, splitting, and uneven wear, can be spotted with the naked eye, but to test tread depth, use the Quarter Test. Hold a quarter between your thumb and forefinger, with the head facing down, and stick it into a groove where the tread appears the lowest. If the top of the figurehead is covered by tread, your tread is still in shape, but if not, you should book an appointment with your local tire repair shop—the sooner, the better!
  • Consider upgrading to seasonal specialties. While all-season tires will save you money on changeover service twice per year, their tread tends to wear out much faster. Moreover, because they’re not specifically designed to resist the hazards unique to winter and summer roadways, you’re more likely to need to visit a tire repair shop at some point during their service life. To learn more about your options, and get the best prices and personalized tire advice, contact your local TIRECRAFT.
  • Take advantage of tire repair shop savings. Why pay premium tire repair shop prices when you can get ASE-certified results for less at your local TIRECRAFT? Our customers can bank rewards points through our customer loyalty program, get free tire repair services as part of the Advantage Plus warranty program, and save hundreds on service each year with our seasonal tire repair and maintenance packages.

To start a free consultation and get a quote on your tire maintenance or repair service, contact your local TIRECRAFT tire repair shop.