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6 Reasons To Buy Tires From Your Car Mechanic: TIRECRAFT Auto Solutions

Today’s post highlights 6 reasons Canadians prefer to buy their tires from a TIRECRAFT car mechanic over a traditional “garageless” tire retailer.

Read on to learn how we can help you save more on your next tire upgrade, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to schedule a free consultation.

Why Buy Tires From A TIRECRAFT Car Mechanic?

1.    TIRECRAFT Car Mechanics Know Your Vehicle

If you’ve already received service from our car mechanics, we know your vehicle, which means we’ll be able to make much better tire recommendations than a garageless retailer.

2.    TIRECRAFT Car Mechanics Simplify Tire Repair And Upkeep

Repair and upkeep services are essential for your tires’ long-term performance, and you’ll find every service you need to keep them in shape at your local TIRECRAFT. By gathering all the best tire products and services under one roof, we make it easier for Canadians to shop smart and reduce service costs.

For example, when you buy a new set, our technicians can inflate, install, and align your tires for you all at once, saving you multiple stops, consultations, and service fees. What’s more, we know how to fix the tires we sell, and we have plenty of experience doing so, so you won’t have to worry about “stumping” our technicians with unfamiliar products, materials, or tire types.

3.    TIRECRAFT Car Mechanics Offer Superior Tire Selection And Savings

You might think your local Tirecraft car mechanic is too focused on servicing vehicles to build a big tire inventory, but you would be wrong! We carry all the top brands and numerous different tire types, and we honour all the major manufacturers’ official rebate programs and sales promotions, too!

4.    TIRECRAFT Car Mechanics Guarantee 100% Tire Satisfaction

Plenty of tire retailers offer product satisfaction guarantees, and we’re no different. When you buy a set of tires from a TIRECRAFT shop, you will enjoy a 30-day tire satisfaction guarantee, which means no charges for tires and labour on your personal vehicle in the event that you return your set within the 30-day trial period.

But we are not just tire retailers—we are tire repair and upkeep experts, too. And just as we guarantee 100% tire satisfaction, so too our technicians stand behind their work with our Mechanical Warranty, which guarantees “repairs and services… will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months or 20,000km of use, whichever comes first.”

5.    TIRECRAFT Car Mechanics Offer Superior Tire Warranties

When you buy tires from a TIRECRAFT car mechanic, you receive extended warranty coverage, which includes free tire repair and upkeep services that are not traditionally included at tire retail locations.

In addition to the Limited Manufacturer Treadwear Warranty, the TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program offers:

  • An additional 12-month, 20,000km mechanical warranty
  • TIRECRAFT’s Road Hazard Protection Policy
  • FREE flat tire repairs and tire rotationssee our website for details on eligibility conditions and limitations

To learn more, visit the Advantage Plus Program page.

6.    Buying Tires From A TIRECRAFT Car Mechanic Reduces Service Costs

When you buy your tires from a TIRECRAFT car mechanic, you can earn discount dollars through our customer loyalty program. These rewards points can then be used to drive down the costs of any car mechanic service.

Shop Smart: Contact A TIRECRAFT Car Mechanic Near Me

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website to schedule a free consultation with a car mechanic and tire expert near you.