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Are Cooper Tires Right For Me? Personalized Tire Tips From TIRECRAFT

Are Cooper tires right for you? Today’s post highlights some common reasons drivers buy Cooper tires, then explains how to get a personalized Cooper tire consultation at your local TIRECRAFT.

Why Choose Cooper Tires For Your Vehicle In 2021?

  • Huge selection—Whether you need your vehicle to perform in rain, shine, or snow; on the farm, off-road, or on the highway, Cooper’s got you covered. Cooper tire buyers will enjoy access to a wide range of seasonal and specialty tire options, including the Cooper Lifeliner GLS All-Season tires, Cooper Weather-Master S/T 2 Winter tires, Cooper Zeon RS3-S ultra High Performance Summer Tires, and more, all of which you’ll find at your local TIRECRAFT.
  • History of success—Cooper Tires have been making high-quality tires since 1914. With more than a century of success under their belt, and thousands of glowing reviews to their name, Cooper has earned the trust of Canadian drivers, and we’re proud to carry them at all TIRECRAFT locations.
  • Dedication to technology and innovation—After more than a century on the front lines of tire research and development, Cooper Tires officially founded the Cooper Global Technical Center in 2014, where rigorous tests and tire breakthroughs occur every day.
  • Made to last—As part of their commitment to providing quality products that ensure peace of mind, all Cooper tires are backed by a standard or premium limited warranty, and select products also benefit from a 45-day road test or mileage warranty. And if you buy from TIRECRAFT, you can take this warranty coverage even further with the additional protection provided by the Advantage Plus Program.

Get Personalized Cooper Tire Tips At Your Local TIRECRAFT

As is clear by now, Cooper tires have a lot going for them.

But while it’s nice to know that Cooper tires are all top quality, with plenty of options for different driving needs and weather conditions, that doesn’t really get you any closer to finding the perfect fit. Even if you stick with the Cooper tire catalog, you could go astray, selecting tires with the wrong size, load index, or features for your unique vehicle and driving needs.

The only way to know you’ve found the perfect fit is to get personalized tire tips. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at your local TIRECRAFT.

While most tire consultations start and end with simple requests for “a good price on a set of tires,” the TIRECRAFT team is committed to changing the conversation. To that end, every tire consultation starts with you. We ask questions about your local weather conditions, daily driving demands, budget, and feature preferences, then use this information to create a shortlist of personalized recommendations.

From there, our tire techs will guide you through the list, explaining different features, detailing different pros and cons, and answering any questions you might have. And though we are certified Cooper Tire dealers, we are not duty-bound to any one brand, which means you get honest, unbiased advice, without any sales pressure.

If you’re not happy with our recommendations, we’ll go right back to the drawing board. Since we offer one of the largest selections of name-brand tires in Canada, it’s only a matter of time before you’ve found the perfect fit.

To get personalized Cooper tire advice, contact your local TIRECRAFT and book an appointment with one of our ASE-certified tire specialists.