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Are You Ready For Ontario’s New Vehicle Emissions Testing Plan?

Ontario’s vehicle emissions testing standards are changing, but your local TIRECRAFT can help keep your fleet up to date. Read on to learn more or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a vehicle emissions testing specialist near you.

Is Your Fleet Ready For Ontario’s New Vehicle Emissions Testing?

Ontario truckers will need to make arrangements for vehicle emissions testing in the near future, as a series of regulatory changes for truck inspection are currently in the works.

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) has applauded the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s proposal, which intends to tackle issues of climate change and emissions tampering by modernizing vehicle inspections and integrating new vehicle emissions testing protocols by 2022.

“The OTA strongly supports the Government of Ontario for their leadership and commitment to tackling climate change and heavy-truck emissions in our province, through this innovative and streamlined approach,” said Wendell Erb, OTA chairman, in a Truck News report (Smith, 2020). “These regulations will help ensure that delete kits and non-compliance will not be an acceptable business strategy to the detriment of our environment, health and quality of life.”

The new “one test, one result” approach will virtualize inspection results, allow certificates to be issued in digital format, and inform the provinces’ safety inspection practices with a wealth of useful metrics. The ministry is also proposing to enhance diesel emission inspection requirements with tighter opacity (level of opaqueness) standards for newer commercial vehicles, on-board diagnostic inspections for trucks from 2016 and after, and visual checks for critical emissions components.

Once the proposal is fully implemented, non-compliant truckers will “begin to face consequences for illegally deploying delete kits that pollute the environment to lower operating and maintenance costs of greener equipment,” states Truck News, so now’s the time to put your vehicle emissions testing plan in place!

Simplify Vehicle Emissions Testing At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Whether you’re a fleet manager looking to get out in front of Ontario’s new vehicle emissions testing program, or you’re a daily driver in need of a standard vehicle inspection, you’ll find everything you need at your local TIRECRAFT.

Alongside a comprehensive selection of parts and tires for multiple vehicle types, we offer:

  • Insurance inspections
  • Provincially regulated car inspections
  • Vehicle emissions testing
  • Preventative maintenance services to reduce emissions, and more

What’s more, by sourcing your vehicle emissions testing and preventive maintenance from TIRECRAFT, you get access to our customer loyalty program, which earns you rewards points for every dollar spent on parts or services.

To book a free vehicle emissions testing consultation and speak directly with a certified technician, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website.


Smith, J. (2020, September 9). Ontario moves forward on emissions, towing crackdowns. Truck News.