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Ask TIRECRAFT: Are Summer Performance Tires Suitable For Everyday Driving?

Are summer performance tires suitable for everyday driving?” In a word, yes—but they’re not for everyone. Read on to learn whether summer performance tires meet your unique driving needs, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start exploring all your options under one roof.

What’s The Difference Between Summer Performance Tires And All-Seasons?

All-season tires are generalists, designed to provide balanced performance in wet and dry conditions, as well as decent traction in snow, but that doesn’t automatically make them the best option for everyday driving.

You might consider all-season tires if:

  • You do not want to pay for a second set of tires
  • You do not want to spend a lot of money on your tires
  • You do not want to worry about off-season tire storage
  • You do not experience severe winter conditions in your area
  • You do not need maximum performance, fuel economy, traction, or ride comfort
  • You want longer tread life

In contrast, summer performance tires are specialists, built to give you the best possible driving experience in warm weather, using unique rubber compounds, tread design, and dimensional characteristics to provide superior responsiveness, cornering, and braking capabilities.

Summer performance tires typically use a special, flexible tread blend containing sticky additives to increase grip in wet conditions, yet they still provide enough stiffness to maintain their shape on scorching summer days. Their tread patterns are typically shallower than all-seasons, with straighter grooves that put more rubber on the road to improve stability during cornering, braking, and acceleration.

Contrary to popular belief, summer performance tires are not meant only for track driving in perfect conditions—in fact, they routinely outperform all-season tires in wet track tests!

You might consider summer performance tires if:

  • You love to drive and want the best possible summer driving experience
  • You want to save money on gas with low rolling resistance tires
  • You drive a performance vehicle (sports car, luxury SUV, etc.)
  • You take summer driving safety very seriously and want maximum traction
  • You are willing to purchase an additional set of off-season tires

Are Summer Performance Tires Suitable For Everyday Driving?

In a word, yes!

Although they are designed for optimal performance, summer performance tires are not meant solely for the track, and thousands of Canadians choose this option to make their daily drives safer, more enjoyable, and more fuel-efficient. You will definitely feel a difference behind the wheel, and you’ll see a difference at the pumps, too.

That said, there are more economical options out there. If you’re working with a modest tire budget, you may be better off buying a set of all-seasons.  To learn more about what separates generalist all-seasons from specialist summer performance tires, get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT.

Whatever you choose, your local TIRECRAFT is here to help. We carry all the top all-season and summer performance tire brands, and a friendly TIRECRAFT technician is standing by to help you determine which product is best for your unique driving needs.

To begin your free consultation and learn more about summer performance tires, get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT.