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How to Avoid Car Battery Issues in Cold Weather

Nobody ever wants to get into their vehicle on a cold winter morning, put the key in the ignition and have nothing happen. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think, especially if you’re not taking proper care of your car battery. Luckily, there are simple ways to prevent battery issues in cold weather. With our tips, you will be confidently starting your vehicle without issue on cold days and evenings all winter long.

Look for Signs That Your Car Battery May Need to be Replaced 

It’s rare that a car battery will just stop working out of nowhere. There are almost always warning signs that you can keep an eye on. For example, if your vehicle is slow to start when you turn the key, your battery may be coming up on the end of its life. Additionally, popping the hood and taking a look at your battery can reveal signs of corrosion. This may mean your battery is leaking battery acid and should be replaced.

Install a Car Battery Blanket for Added Protection During the Coldest Winter Weather

It may sound funny, but tucking your battery into a battery blanket is an effective way to keep it in working condition during the harsh winter months. A battery blanket wraps around your car battery and fits inside a battery cover. Typically these blankets plug into an electrical outlet and produce heat to ensure your battery fluid doesn’t freeze while it’s out in the cold.

Plan Ahead by Bringing Your Vehicle in for Seasonal Maintenance Prior to Winter

Seasonal maintenance is a must for ensuring your vehicle is ready for the road. During seasonal maintenance, your service technician can test your battery to ensure it’s strong enough to last through the winter. If you need a replacement battery, our experts can provide you with the information you need to choose the best option for your vehicle.

With a Strong Car Battery, You’ll Never be Stranded 

Canadian winters can be cold and severe at the best of time without having a drained battery to deal with. By having your car battery checked before the cold weather hits, keeping an eye on it throughout the season, and taking steps to keep it warm, you can ensure your vehicle will be ready to take you where you need to be all winter long. For more information on how to keep your battery in the best condition possible all year round, contact the experts at your local TIRECRAFT today!