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TIRECRAFT Tips – Battery Maintenance

We all know the cold winter months in Canada are fast approaching. There is nothing worse than getting into your freezing cold vehicle, putting the key into the ignition and nothing happens because your car battery died.

Car batteries most often die due to:

  • Lights being left on
    • Headlights, dome lights, trunk and glove box lights, if left on, can all drain your battery power
    • Most lights are designed to shut off after a certain period of time, but a malfunctioning system may cause them to stay on permanently
    • Always check to make sure there are no lights left on when your vehicle is shut off


  • Overall condition
    • A poorly cared for or weak battery may not hold a charge
    • Corroded or loose connections can prevent correct charging


  • Extremely hot or cold temperatures
    • Weak or old batteries may fail in extreme conditions
    • Extreme weather conditions can also bring other underlying issues to light


All of the issues listed above can contribute to vehicle battery performance and with today’s high-tech vehicles there are more electrical demands than ever.  New tech such as power outlets, device charging, LCD screen display/touch screen display, custom lighting, etc.. all require use of the battery to perform.

Here are some tips you can follow to keep your battery in peak working condition:

Ensure Your Lights Are Off When You Turn Off Your Vehicle

As mentioned above, leaving lights or electronic features on can cause your battery to drain overnight. It’s important to make sure all your lights and accessories are shutting off when your vehicle is turned off. Keep in might some lights are on a delay, but they still should shut off after a short period of time.  If this isn’t happening, you may want to come visit a TIRECRAFT location so our mechanics can inspect the lighting and sensors.

Install a Car Battery Blanket

It may sound odd but tucking your battery into a battery blanket is an effective way to keep it in working condition during the cold months. The blanket wraps around your car battery and fits inside a cover. These blankets typically plug into an electrical outlet and work to produce heat to keep the unit warm to ensure the fluid inside doesn’t freeze.

Signs it May Need to be Replaced

It’s rare that a car battery will just stop working out of nowhere.  There are usually some warning signs  that will indicate you may need to replace it. For example, if your vehicle is slow to start when you turn the key, your battery may be coming up on the end of its life. Additionally, looking under the hood at your battery can reveal signs of corrosion or other indicators that it should be replaced.

Plan Ahead With Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal Maintenance is a must for ensuring your vehicle is ready for the road. By having your vehicle looked at prior to the winter months, your service technician can test your battery to ensure its strong enough to last through the winter. If you need a replacement, our experts at TIRECRAFT can provide you with the information you need to choose the best option for your vehicle.