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Beginner Tire-Buyer’s Guide: 3 Reasons To Choose Yokohama All-Season Tires

If you’re looking for tires that provide year-round performance and serious savings, consider Yokohama all-season tires in 2021. Today’s post explains why.

Read on to learn 3 reasons you might want to choose Yokohama all-season tires over the competition, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to schedule a free tire consultation.

Yokohama All-Season Tires Are Backed By A Century Of Success

Why gamble on all-season tire start-ups when there’s so many proven products in the Yokohama all-season tire lineup?

This year, Yokohama celebrates its 104th anniversary, having first opened their doors for business in 1917. In its storied history, Yokohama has earned dozens of all-season tire awards and accolades, each evidencing their ongoing commitment to quality tire manufacturing, on and off-road performance, and driver safety. And the accolades keep on coming—for instance, just last year, Yokohama all-season tires earned the 2020 GOOD DESIGN award from the Chicago Athenaeum.

To browse the complete line-up of award-winning Yokohama’s all-season tires, book a free consultation at your local TIRECRAFT.

Yokohama All-Season Tires Provide Year-Round Traction For Most Drivers

Yokohama all-season tire technology features 3D adaptive sipes to create more biting edges for wet and winter grip, as well as an advanced rubber compound that stays pliable in wet and cold weather.

That said, Yokohama all-seasons aren’t optimal for drivers who experience extreme cold and heavy snowfall, as the rubber compound and design must strike a balance between summer and winter performance. To find out whether Yokohama all-season tires are right for you, visit your local TIRECRAFT and speak to one of our friendly technicians.

Yokohama All-Season Tires Save Canadians Money Every Year

Yokohama all-season tires might not be right for everyone—particularly those who drive in extreme cold weather conditions requiring heavy-duty traction and special rubber compounds—but they can save you serious money.

The most obvious way Yokohama all-season tires save you money is by cutting your annual tire costs in half. Rather than having to pay for eight tires each year, four for winter and four for summer, you get by on a single set.

Additionally, drivers who use summer and winter tires must pay for proper storage, either by renting storage space from a third party, or by outfitting their garage with proper insulation and moisture control. With Yokohama all-season tires, none of that’s necessary, as your tires stay on your car year-round.

Likewise, drivers who use summer and winter tires will need to pay for seasonal tire changes twice per year, while Yokohama all-season tire buyers only change tires once the treadlife reaches the expiry date.

Finally, most Yokohama all-season tires are optimized for better fuel efficiency, which can save you serious money at the pump.

That said, Yokohama all-seasons aren’t the most cost-effective choice for everyone. Since the rubber isn’t specifically designed to last in the heat, and because they’re on the road year-round, you may find that your Yokohama all-season tires wear out faster than specialty seasonal alternatives. Ultimately, it all depends on your unique local weather conditions and driving habits, both of which your local TIRECRAFT technician will consider when recommending tires.

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