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Beginner’s Guide To Bridgestone All Weather Tires: Find The Perfect Fit For All Seasons

You’ve got Bridgestone all-weather tire questions; we’ve got Bridgestone all-weather tire answers! In today’s beginner’s guide, we answer the #1 question Canadians are asking about Bridgestone all-weather tires this summer, then share some quick tips to help you perfect your tire specs before you buy.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT for personalized Bridgestone all-weather tire advice.

Are Bridgestone All-Weather Tires Suitable For Summer Driving?

With summer nearly in full swing, this is the #1 question we’re getting about Bridgestone all-weather tires.

As the name of this tire type suggests, Bridgestone all-weathers are perfectly suitable for summer driving, boasting a special rubber compound and tread design that works equally well in wet, dry, cold, and warm driving conditions.

In fact, compared to all-seasons, Bridgestone all-weather tires provide greater stopping power, stopping 77cm sooner on wet pavement and 33cm sooner on dry pavement in a study cited by Driving.ca, while still saving you the hassle of seasonal changeovers.

The only downside to Bridgestone all-weather tires is that they tend to wear slightly faster than seasonal specialties, but this is to be expected from any tires used year-round. And with the extended tire coverage provided by the Advantage Plus Program, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Bridgestone All-weather Tire Basics: Perfect Your Tire Specs With TIRECRAFT

If you want to find the perfect set of Bridgestone all-weather tires, you’d better respect the specs!

  • Tire size—If your Bridgestone all-weather tires aren’t the right size for your vehicle, they could rub up against the inside of the wheel well, which can lead to major steering issues over time. Improperly sized tires also reduce stability, greatly increasing the risk of rollovers.
  • Tire speed rating—Even if you invest in the best Bridgestone all-weather tires money can buy, installing tires with the wrong speed rating means they’ll flex and squirm under pressure, building up heat, compromising traction, and potentially even causing a dangerous tire blowout.
  • Tire load index—Bridgestone all-weather tires with a lower load index than your OE specifications can neither properly support the weight of your vehicle and its load, nor can they withstand the forces applied during emergency maneuvers. Put simply, improper tire load index is a serious safety hazard.

Before you commit to your set of Bridgestone all-weather tires, make sure you meet these critical specifications. You can find all of these details in your owner’s manual, on the information placard by the driver’s door, or by asking your TIRECRAFT tire tech.

Browse The Full Bridgestone All-weather Tire Lineup—Call TIRECRAFT

To browse the complete Bridgestone all-weather tire lineup in one place, and get personalized tire recommendations based on your unique budget, performance preferences, and local weather conditions, contact your local TIRECRAFT. Every consultation is free, and since we’re not beholden to any single tire brand, you’re guaranteed honest, unbiased advice from our ASE-certified experts.