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Beginner’s Guide to Car Oil Changes: Maintenance Schedule, Price Standards, and More

Today’s post is intended to help new drivers understand what’s involved in car oil changes, how often they’re required, and where to find the best price and service. Read on or Find a TIRECRAFT provider straight away!

What Can I Expect During A Car Oil Change?

Beyond the obvious (i.e. changing the oil itself), every TIRECRAFT car oil change service includes:

  • Oil filter maintenance/replacement
  • Air filter upkeep/replacement
  • Complete inspection
  • Lube
  • Greasing any fittings/ball joints as needed
  • Transmission filter service
  • Antifreeze top-up
  • Engine coolant top-up
  • Windshield washer fluid top-up
  • Cabin filter maintenance
  • Headlight check

Don’t settle for any less!

Recommended Maintenance Schedule For Car Oil Changes

Regularly changing your oil is absolutely critical. Oil essentially keeps your engine running, preventing any undue friction, heat, or damage as parts move and rub together. However, over time, the oil in your engine degrades, reducing its lubricating and heat-absorbing properties. Without regular oil changes, catastrophic engine failures are inevitable.

So how often should you schedule car oil changes?

At TIRECRAFT, we recommend car oil changes after every 5,000km or 3 months of driving. Naturally, this timeline varies depending on your unique driving habits, lifestyle, and vehicle needs (e.g. modern synthetic oils last considerably longer than conventional oil), but it’s a solid guideline for most drivers.

If possible, we recommend using the TIRECRAFT auto repair and maintenance chart posted on our website. This chart makes it easy to stay on top of your maintenance responsibilities, while also highlighting opportunities for bundling (e.g. scheduling your oil change and tire rotation simultaneously at the 10,000km mark, or bundling together your oil change, tire rotation, wheel balance, alignment, brake inspection, engine service, cooling system maintenance, and transmission service at the 40,000km mark for even bigger savings).

Further, because winter temperatures, salt, and snowfall takes a toll on your vehicle, we usually recommend gearing up for summer with an oil change as part of your regular seasonal maintenance, even if you haven’t quite hit the 3-month or 5,000km mark.

Car Oil Change Price Standards

Oil changes can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 or more. For example, after some number-crunching based on recent member reviews, AngiesList figures the average national price for a basic oil change around $46.

However, the price varies depending on the type of oil used, your vehicle, and your chosen service provider. For instance, synthetic oil change prices tend to be much higher than conventional oil changes—up to twice as much in some cases. That said, there’s more to consider than the upfront cost alone; for instance, synthetic oil can go roughly twice as long between changes than conventional oil, and it’s much better on the environment, which provides more than enough value to offset the premium price tag.

To get a 100% free quote on a car oil change for your vehicle, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website and get in touch with a local expert right away. We work with all kinds of vehicles, modern synthetic oils and conventional oils, and our unparalleled rewards program helps drive down the cost even further—you can get $20 worth of points for simply signing up for the My TIRECRAFT Rewards App*!

*Offer only valid at Ontario TIRECRAFT dealers.