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Beginner’s Guide To Uniroyal Tires: What Makes The Tiger Paw A/S So Popular?

In today’s tire talk, we highlight a few reasons why the Tiger Paw A/S has emerged as one of the most popular Uniroyal tire options for budget-minded drivers in 2022. Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start browsing all the best Uniroyal tires under one roof.

Uniroyal Tire Review: What Makes The Tiger Paw A/S So Popular?

According to Michelin North America Inc, the Tiger Paw A/S is now one of its most popular Uniroyal tire products on the market, and manufacturers are ratcheting up production to meet drivers’ growing demand.

“For consumers, this tire brings dependability and protection, and meets the needs of customers who demand longevity and affordability,” said Olivia Le Meur, Uniroyal tire brand director, in a recent Uniroyal tire report.

But what exactly makes these Uniroyal tires so popular in a market saturated with budget-friendly all-seasons?

These are just a few of the features that draw Canadian drivers to the Tiger Paw A/S:

  • Superior wet performance, with an M+S rating, high density zig-zag sipes, and wide circumferential grooves to provide peace of mind in rain or shine.
  • Strong performance on dry pavement, with an all-season compounded molded into a symmetric design to provide a large contact area for enhanced dry-weather grip and traction, plus a continuous center rib for confident straight-line tracking capabilities.
  • Exceptional puncture protection, thanks to their unique DuraShield construction.
  • Generous Limited Warranty coverage—H-rated Uniroyal A/S tires enjoy a 120,000km limited warranty, and V-rated tires will last for at least 105,000km, thanks in part to their Tru-Form technology, which puts more rubber on the road for greater traction and longer wear.
  • Vehicular versatility—the Tiger Paw Touring A/S has sizes available for an estimated 85% of passenger cars, CUVs, and small/medium SUVs in Canada, making it a great choice for the entire family fleet!
  • Zero consumer risk, thanks to Uniroyal tires’ 45-day satisfaction guarantee.

Browse All The Best Uniroyal Tires At Your Local TIRECRAFT

As certified Uniroyal tire dealers, we’re proud to carry the complete 2022 lineup, including:

We also carry a wide range of top Uniroyal tire competitors, and our knowledgeable experts will help you compare and contrast all the different options that fit your unique budget, driving demands, and vehicle type.

No matter what you choose, we can get you more for your money, thanks to:

To start browsing our Uniroyal tire catalog and begin your personalized needs assessment, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website.


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