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Best Winter Tires For Sale: Top-3 Picks For Snow Performance In 2021

Looking for the best winter tires for sale in 2021? Best is a subjective term, but there are plenty of reputable tire testers out there who aren’t shy about naming their top picks.

These are the best winter tires for sale in 2021 across three popular categories—budget-friendly, premium performance, and midrange— according to Traction Life track tests.

Read on to browse their top picks—all of which you can find right at your local TIRECRAFT—or get in touch with our team to book a personalized winter tire consultation straight away.

1.   Best Budget-Friendly Winter Tires For Sale In 2021

Winter tires in the budget-friendly category had to be both affordable and effective, helping drivers cut costs without compromising on safety and performance in the snow.

Topping Traction Life’s 2021 rankings were the Cooper Evolution Winter and the Uniroyal Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3. The former is optimized for deep snow, with Cooper’s patented saw-tooth design providing fantastic snow-on-snow traction without breaking the bank; while the latter is made with twin steel belts on top of a two-ply, polyester casing, creating the perfect balance of strength, durability, and ride comfort, and building off of the advances seen with the Uniroyal Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 2.

And if cost control is your priority, make sure to stop in to your local TIRECRAFT to unlock even more savings. For a limited time, you could receive a $50 prepaid Visa card when you buy a set of 4 Cooper Evolution winter tires, or a $40 rebate when you buy any Uniroyal winter tires for sale.

2.   Best Performance Winter Tires For Sale In 2021

If you’re looking for “ultimate handling and control in the white stuff,” check out the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3. Looking past their stunning performance in Consumer Reports track tests, which saw high scores in hydroplaning resistance, snow traction, and ice braking, the Traction Life team praised these winter tires for their:

  • Runflat, self-sealing and noise-cancellation technologies
  • Homologation from 11 prestige car manufacturers, including Bentley, Maserati and Tesla
  • Combination of 3D sipes for improved handling in dry conditions and wide, longitudinal grooves for better wet handling and braking
  • “Seal Inside” technology that minimizes loss of air pressure, even after punctures

3.   Best Midrange Winter Tires For Sale In 2021

The best midrange tires should be priced and positioned right in the middle of the pack, and that’s exactly where the Goodyear WinterCommand ended up in Traction Life tire tests.

The research team praised its “excellent snow traction,” “good size coverage,” and consistent performance on multiple vehicle and track types, and in Consumer Reports testing, the WinterCommand got top marks for its snow traction, ride comfort, and fuel-saving rolling resistance.

If you’d like to learn more about the Goodyear Winter Command, or you want to see how it stacks up against other top mid-range models, contact your local TIRECRAFT.