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Buy Tires Online Canada | TIRECRAFT Tips

Buy Tires Online

Whether we like it or not most of us have to buy tires. When we are in the market to buy vehicles or electronics the path to purchase can be fun; but when we are in the market to buy tires it can be a lot of work. Let’s talk about how we can make the next time you are shopping for tires easier, quicker, less hassle.

When consumers reach out to tire retailers the conversation usually starts in the same way. A consumer calls and says: “Hi, I’m looking for a price on a set of new tires”.

We’ve listened to enough calls across the industry to know that when looking to buy tires generally people only ask about the price. When in fact there are a lot more factors to consider when buying tires. For example mileage warranty, durability or effectiveness in different weather conditions.


If you’re not quite sure what kind of tires you need, reach out to an expert like ourselves at TIRECRAFT. Working with an expert will be more direct, will save you time and ensure the best fitment for your vehicle. An expert will have a solid enough foundation to provide the right recommendation for your vehicle.

We encourage online research as a key part of the path to purchase when you are looking for tires. Doing research in advance of buying tires can help provide key insights. Some variables however, may not be answered by online reviews. For example product reviews may not look at the type vehicle you drive, the conditions you drive in, or driving style. Online reviews don’t always capture the various motivations that drive decisions when you shop for tires such as durability, longevity, noise, traction, performance, safety, etc.

Contacting an expert after doing your own research will give you other key insights relative to all the above that can help guide your decision.

Our Advice?

So our advice to consumers when they are going to buy tires is to change the conversation with the retailer. Instead of asking for a price start by telling the story of the vehicle. As an example start with year, make, model, and mileage of the vehicle. Rarely does the current mileage of the vehicle get mentioned when buying tires. This number can be key indicator for both the consumer and retailer. Also, focus on how the vehicle is used. Is it the primary family vehicle? Are you commuting with it? How long you anticipate keeping the vehicle is another key indicator rarely discussed.

The majority of consumers aren’t aware of the complex differences between one tire or another simply because the majority of consumers don’t get excited to buy tires. Online research is a key part of the process when buying tires. We always encourage consumers to do their own research. Keeping in mind that an experience someone had in the Southern USA may be a very different experience in our Canadian environment with the same tire.

When you are looking to buy tires in Canada, start with the story of the vehicle an expert will have all the information they need to provide you with solid tire options that fit both your vehicle and you.

For more information on buying tires, check out our video below: