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Canada Winter Tire Tips: How To Stay Safe In The Snow

Winter is a cornerstone of Canadian culture, just as winter tires are a cornerstone of Canadian driving. If you’re looking for a new set, today’s post is for you. Read on for 3 tips to help winter tire shoppers stay safe in the snow in 2020-2021, or contact your local TIRECRAFT for immediate winter tire support.

1.  Look For The 3PMSF Symbol On Your Winter Tires

The Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, also known as the “Alpine symbol,” is found on the sidewall of all winter tires that pass the ASTM F 1805 tire test on medium-packed snow in standardized testing conditions. This is the highest rating for any commercially available winter tire, guaranteeing superior performance compared to the M + S (mud and snow) rating typically seen on all-season tires.

2.  Shop For Superior Winter Tire Adhesion

Plenty of people think the primary benefits of winter tires are better startup and acceleration performance, which helps to prevent vehicles getting stuck in deep snow. Granted, winter tires do all that, but according to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, their primary safety function is improved adhesion, which amounts to better braking and cornering performance, giving you more control on the roads.

If the term “tire adhesion” is new to you, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Tire adhesion isn’t mentioned much outside of winter because most drivers never approach performance limits in braking or cornering on warm, dry pavement. But come winter, when roads are icy and snow-slicked, low adhesion frequently leads to loss of control and compromises the driver’s ability to execute evasive maneuvers and emergency braking.

Accordingly, putting “tire adhesion” at the top of your 2020-2021 winter tire wishlist is a great way to stay safe in the snow.

Whether you’re a diehard winter tire brand loyalist or a first-time buyer, you’ll find all the best options for improving tire adhesion at TIRECRAFT. We carry all the top brand names, and any of our winter tire specialists would be happy to recommend a shortlist of high-adhesion options suited to your budget, local weather, and driving habits Contact your local TIRECRAFT to start shopping for superior winter tire adhesion today.

3.  Change Your Winter Tires On-Schedule

Changing your winter tires on-schedule is critical for safe driving and tire cost-control.

Winter tires are optimized for performance when road surfaces temperatures are at or below 7°C (45 °F). However, the special rubber compound, which is much more flexible than that of all-season and summer tires, wears out quickly in warm temperatures. This softer rubber compound may also compromise cornering, acceleration, and braking performance on warm roads. Finally, compared to all-seasons, winter tires also have a relatively high rolling resistance, which costs you more at the gas pump.

All in all, it makes sense to stay on top of your seasonal tire changes. Doing so saves money, keeps your winter tires in shape, and ensures you’ve got great handling, year-round. And with TIRECRAFT, it’s easy—we can even schedule your tire change service for next season on the very day you purchase your winter tires.

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