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Combat The Flat: Save Money On Car Tire Repair With TIRECRAFT

Car tire repair remains a serious concern for Canadians, according to research by Hankook. In a large-scale survey study, 84% of drivers rated flat tires as a major source of anxiety, being even more stressful than “giving a speech at work, traveling by plane, or killing a spider.”

And it’s not hard to see why—especially if you aren’t sure where to turn for car tire repair you can trust. After all, it only takes one tiny object, like a bent nail or a scrap of metal, to bring your road trip or work commute to a screeching halt, potentially causing a dangerous loss of control. And if that tire damage occurs while you’re driving through a new city or on a rural backroad, far from a trusted car tire repair shop, flats can be even more stressful.

Fortunately, a large percentage of flats can be prevented, and in the event that you do need car tire repair, your local TIRECRAFT has 300+ locations around the country, plus plenty of ways to help you control costs. Read on to learn more about how to combat the flat and save money on your next car tire repair, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a tire repair specialist near you.

Combat The Flat: Reduce Your Risk And Control Car Tire Repair Costs

“With every revolution, a tire runs the risk of being punctured by a foreign object,” states the Tire Industry Association. “And since the average tire experiences millions of revolutions throughout its lifespan, it is usually a matter of when you get a flat, not if.”

While you cannot control the road conditions or completely prevent puncture hazards, there is plenty you can do to combat the flat and reduce car tire repair costs, such as:

  • Stay on top of your tire pressure. Low tire pressure is a leading cause of costly and dangerous tire blowouts. Be Tire Smart Canada recommends using a good-quality gauge to check your tire pressure monthly, ensuring that each tire is filled to the recommended levels for your vehicle. This information can be found in your owner’s manual, on the vehicle information placard, or by contacting your local TIRECRAFT. Do not use the number printed on the tire sidewall, as this indicates the maximum tire pressure, not the recommended level for daily driving.Whenever you book preventative maintenance services at your local TIRECRAFT, you’ll get air pressure checks included. And if you’re looking for a high-quality gauge, we can help you there, too.
  • Follow tire rotation recommendations. Having your tires rotated regularly can help prevent the uneven wear patterns that put you at greater risk of flats and blowouts. We recommend booking a rotation every 10,000km or 6-months of driving—whichever comes first.If you’re looking to save on your next car tire repair, download the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards app. Every dollar you spend on rotations (and any other preventative maintenance or product purchases, for that matter) will earn you rewards points you can use to get car tire repair discounts.
  • Invest in self-sealing tires. Self-sealing tires won’t completely eliminate the need for car tire repair, but they’ll give you more time to find quality providers when trouble strikes out on the road. Hankook Tire’s SEALGUARD tires, for example, use self-sealing technology to temporarily repair punctured tires, providing added safety and reliability, and reducing the need for emergency roadside tire changes. To learn more about self-sealing tires, contact your local TIRECRAFT—we carry all the top brands in-house, and we can help you save hundreds with our rebate programs and seasonal discount promotions.
  • Get free car tire repair. If you sign up for the Advantage Plus Program when you buy a set of 4 tires, your car tire repair may be completely covered. You can learn more on our warranty program page.

Get A Free Quote On Car Tire Repair Services

Contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote on any automotive maintenance or repair service, and start banking MyTIRECRAFT rewards points to save on your next car tire repair!


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