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Commercial Tire Repair Near Me: Minimize Costly Downtime With TIRECRAFT

When determining the costs of commercial tire repair, most people’s calculations focus entirely on the costs of the parts and services, but there’s a lot more to the equation.

To help Ontario’s fleet managers plan better and avoid any nasty surprises, today’s post reviews research on the hidden costs and causes of vehicle downtime, then explains how your local TIRECRAFT can help you save on service in 2023.

Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote on commercial tire repair straight away.

The Real Costs Of Commercial Tire Repair: Fleet Research Review

As any experienced fleet manager will tell you, commercial tire repairs cost much more than the price of parts and labour.

According to a 2016 report by Fleet Financials, a single commercial tire repair costs about $338.42 per incident, which includes:

  • $91.32 spent on wages while waiting for a repair—the driver can’t do their job, but the company still must compensate them for their time.
  • $117 lost on vehicle downtime, as another driver must be called in to complete the order, and towing fees may be required.
  • $130.10 spent on the actual commercial tire repair.

A similar 2018 study published by FleetOwner estimated out-of-service vehicle costs between $850 to $1000 per day.

The average business fleet experiences just under 100 flat tires per year, which equates to over $30,000 spent on commercial tire repairs per year, using the Fleet Financials estimate, or in excess of $100,000 if we use FleetOwner data. And that’s before factoring in the damage a failed delivery could wreak on your brand reputation and client relationships.

Of course, this all assumes commercial tire repairs can be completed within a single day, which is not always the case. According to a fleet downtime report by the City of Kitchener, “most service and repairs are turned around within 2.4 days,” so you can multiply the costs of downtime estimated here by 2.4, on average (p. 8).

Commercial Tire Repair Near Me: Minimize Costly Downtime with TIRECRAFT

And believe it or not, this is only the beginning. As per the City of Kitchener’s report, “when a specialized vehicle is down for repairs then an entire crew is unable to work,” so the fleet manager is forced to pay several team members’ wages without any chance of seeing a return (p. 13). And in some cases, “turnarounds for vehicles could range from a week to a month or more” (p. 13).

But don’t worry—while research reveals that the costs of fleet downtime can be punishing, they’re also largely preventable, and your local TIRECRAFT is here to help.

Save On Commercial Tire Repair Near Me: Contact TIRECRAFT

According to the City of Kitchener’s report, the “key drivers of fleet downtime” are:

  • Poor planning— “lack of proper accountability of rescheduling preventative maintenance” (p. 2)
  • Poor access to parts—”limited systematic visibility to the parts acquisition cycle” (p. 2)
  • Overdue maintenance—”the highest contributor is overdue maintenance,” and researchers saw a 20% reduction in maintenance-related downtime days for companies enrolled in preventative maintenance programs (p. 8).

If you’re looking to minimize these “key drivers of fleet downtime,” your local TIRECRAFT can help. We offer full support with preventative maintenance planning, easy access to all the best name-brand parts, and all the commercial tire repair and maintenance services you need under one roof.

We’re also proud members of the Tire Service Network, offering fleet managers access to 10,000+ repair shops around the country, including trusted truck techs like TA, Petra, Loves, and Flying J, plus one of the best commercial tire repair response times in the industry.

Commercial Tire Repair Near Me: Minimize Costly Downtime with TIRECRAFT

95% of Tire Service Network calls are completed within 90 minutes or less!

To learn more and get a free quote on any commercial tire repair or replacement, contact your local TIRECRAFT.


City of Kitchener. (2019). City of Kitchener fleet downtime: Lean Review. Leading Edge Group.