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The Importance of Proper Inflation for Agricultural & Tractor Tires

The importance of proper tire inflation in agricultural settings

Proper tire inflation affects just about everything on the farm, from the service life of your equipment to your total crop yields.

If you have too much inflation pressure, you’re not reaping the benefits that specialty tractor tires bring to the field—you’re not taking advantage of the bigger contact patch, you’re not getting more lugs into the soil, and you’re wasting the precious power that your tractor is putting out.

Conversely, if you have too little pressure, you’re putting extra stress on the carcass of the tire, which will greatly reduce its overall service life.

But improper tire inflation is also costing you money, right this second, both in terms of excess fuel costs and suboptimal crop yields. But don’t take our word for it—research bears this out:

How often should I check my tractor tire inflation?

Since tire pressure can be affected by a whole host of different factors, from weather and loads to soil types, we recommend checking your tractor tire inflation as often as possible, even daily.

For best results, check your tractor tire inflation early in the morning, before you fire up your farm equipment for the day. Remember: air is a gas, and it expands as it heats, which can produce inaccurate readings.

How do I check my tractor tire inflation level?

Tractor tire inflations levels can be easily monitored using a calibrated pressure gauge that attaches to your tire’s air valve. But that’s not your only option—get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT to discuss our different tractor tire inflation systems.

How do I know the proper tire inflation level?

You can find the recommended tractor tire inflation level in your manufacturer’s load inflation table. Alternatively, you can simply ask your local TIRECRAFT tire pressure experts for help determining the right levels based on your tire’s load and speed ratings.

Tire inflation near me—Contact your local TIRECRAFT

Whether you’re looking for tractor tire replacements or inflation expertise, the TIRECRAFT team is up to the task.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get in touch with a tractor tire inflation specialist near you.