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Commercial Truck Tire Safety: Unlock The ‘Power Of Preventive Maintenance’

Commercial truck tire maintenance isn’t just a legal obligation, nor is it just a way to save money at the pump—it’s also how Canadian truckers stay safe over the long haul.

According to the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association, there were 105 wheel-off incidents on Ontario roads last year, several of which resulted in serious injuries or death, and all of which could have been prevented with proper commercial truck tire maintenance.

Today’s post explains how to unlock the power of preventative maintenance to improve fleet safety and cost-effectiveness in 2021. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak with a commercial truck tire specialist straight away.

Unlock The Power Of Preventative Maintenance With TIRECRAFT

1.Commit to regular inspections.  “By law, a commercial motor vehicle or trailer must be inspected daily before it is driven,” states the Commercial Vehicle Operators’ Safety Manual. We advise all clients to conduct thorough tire assessments before each and every haul

2. Maintain air pressure. Proper tire pressure not only gives commercial truck tires better grip on the road, but also reduces fuel and maintenance costs over the long-term.

3. Check tread depth. In addition to a visual inspection, try the “quarter test” before you hit the roads. Stick the edge of a Canadian quarter in between the treads with the caribou facing down. If the tip of its nose is still visible, you need a commercial truck tire replacement or retreading service ASAP.

4.Invest in regular rotations. Regular rotations help distribute the tread wear evenly, thereby extending the life of your tires and helping you get more for your money. Rotations are especially important for commercial trucks, where the rear tires usually wear out faster than those in the front due to the load distribution.

Get A Free Quote On Commercial Truck Tire Services At Your Local TIRECRAFT

TIRECRAFT is your one-stop shop for any and all commercial truck tire maintenance services, including:

  • Commercial truck tire inflation and monitoring
  • Commercial truck tire rotations
  • Commercial truck wheel alignment
  • Retreading programs
  • Off-season commercial truck tire storage, and more

If you need commercial truck tires replaced, we also carry all the top brand names in-house, including BFGoodrich, Michelin, and Yokohama. And if you want to be even more proactive about your commercial truck tire maintenance, we also offer a range of fleet and tire evaluation services that can help you identify the causes of excessive wear, tire failure, and short tread life, including:

  • Fleet survey and analysis
  • Scrap tire pile analysis
  • Cost tracking
  • Yard checks
  • Assistance with commercial truck tire inventory management
  • Out of service analysis
  • Mounted wheel programs, and more

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get in touch with our commercial truck tire specialists near you, or visit the TIRECRAFT Tire Service Network page to learn more about our fleet analysis and emergency breakdown services.