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Complete Winter Tire Cost Breakdown: Looking Past the Price Tag

Today’s post shares some winter tire recommendations from Cansumer, then explains how to look past the price tag for better cost control. Read on or find a local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a winter tire specialist.

How Much Do Winter Tires Cost Per Tire?

Winter tires typically cost between $80 to $200 per tire. Within this range, you’ll find a huge number of winter tire types and brands, each with their own unique features, rebate offers, and manufacturer’s warranties.

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer selection, don’t worry: you’re not alone, and there are plenty of resources out there to help. If you’re not ready to speak with a TIRECRAFT winter tire specialist, Cansumer’s winter tire list is the perfect starting point.

“Our recommendations are made through vigorous research, interviewing, testing, and analysis by our team of winter tire experts, researchers, and writers,” states the Cansumer About Us page. “And no pay to play. Businesses and brands cannot pay to be listed and all information we provide is and always will be completely free.”

So what winter tires came out the other side of their rigorous testing and research process?

These were their top-5 winter tire recommendations, priced highest to lowest:

If you’d like to compare each in person, you’ll find all five at your local TIRECRAFT, along with plenty of other affordable options for those looking to stay safe while controlling costs. Get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT to get started on your search for the perfect winter tires for your budget, or read on for some additional cost considerations.

Controlling Winter Tire Costs: Installation and Maintenance

The costs associated with installation and required maintenance depend on your rims. Winter tire size may also affect installation and maintenance fees, but your TIRECRAFT representative will inform you if this applies.

If you’re using a single set of rims for both winter and summer tires, you’ll need to pay for this changeover service every season. This labor-intensive process, which should include a wheel balancing service, typically costs $60 to $80.

Buying two sets of rims costs more upfront, but can save you money and time over the long term. In most cases, a set of 4 rims will cost between $200 and $360, which means they’ll pay for themselves within 2-4 seasons.

Controlling Winter Tire Costs: Leverage TIRECRAFT Winter Rebates

Every winter, TIRECRAFT puts money back in the pockets of Canadian drivers by offering a number of winter tire rebates. For example, the following promotions are running until December 31st:

  • Kumho’s 2020 Winter Rebate Program offers up to $80 in rebates
  • Dunlop’s Fall Rebate program offers a $75 Prepaid Mastercard for their Winter MAXX 2 and SJ8 models
  • Goodyear’s Fall Rebate program offers up to $100 in mail-in rebates for winter tire purchases

You can find full details on active promotion in your area on the TIRECRAFT Promotions page.

Book a Winter Tire Consultation — Find a Local TIRECRAFT

For a complete winter tire cost breakdown and free consultation, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website. With more than 220 locations around the country, help with winter tire cost control is closer than you think!