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Enjoy Smoother Rides: Best Bridgestone Tires For Quiet And Comfort

Have you ever set out for a relaxing Sunday drive, quiet morning commute, or romantic road trip with your partner, only to be interrupted by the constant hum, pop, shriek, and squeal of your tires? You’re not alone—and TIRECRAFT can help!

Today’s post spotlights some of the best Bridgestone tires for smooth, quiet, and comfortable rides. Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to book a personalized tire consultation with our team.

What Are The Best Bridgestone Tires For Quiet And Comfort?

For quiet winter drives, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 is tough to beat. Not only does it consistently lead the pack in winter track performance tests, thanks to a winning combination of adaptive, moisture-wicking NanoPro-Tech multicell tread compounds, high-volume 3D sipes, and microscopic silicate particles, which act as tiny studs to enhance grip and stopping power; but it also comes with an asymmetric tread design with a variable pitch that absorbs impact and lessens road noise.

For the remainder of the year, the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus is a great choice, earning the number-one spot in Tire Reviews’ meta-analyses and track tests. Not only has this tire been designed for optimal fuel efficiency and all-weather traction, but it is one of the quietest tires on the market, thanks to Bridgestone’s Resonance Noise Attenuated Silencer Grooves (RENOA), which reduce pattern noise.

Of course, that’s not your only option from the Bridgestone lineup. Coming in at #5 in Tire Reviews testing, the Bridgestone Ecopia is another model that prides itself on unparalleled creature comfort, using the same RENOA silencer technology to stop those annoying popping sounds caused by the rapid decompression of air from between the tire treads.

If you need help determining which of these tires is best for your needs, you need only contact your local TIRECRAFT. Every consultation is free, and completely personalized to your unique needs, driving demands, and budget.

Browse All The Best Bridgestone Tires Under One Roof: Call TIRECRAFT

As certified Bridgestone dealers, we’re proud to carry all the best Bridgestone tires under one roof, including:

But that’s not all. Alongside all the best Bridgestone tires, you’ll find top products from all of the leading tire manufacturers in Canada and the US. As part of your personalized consultation, our unbiased tire techs will prepare a shortlist of tires designed to maximize creature comforts, then help you compare and contrast them all, so you can get the smoothest ride possible, without blowing your budget on features you don’t need.

To schedule your personalized tire consultation, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool.


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