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Evaluate Tire Repair Near Me At-A-Glance: Top-3 Consumer Tips

Today’s post shares three tips to help you evaluate local tire repair shops at-a-glance, all from the comfort of your home. Read on to learn some quick and easy consumer research tips, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a qualified tire tech.

1.  Seek Out Full-Service Tire Repair Shops

By choosing full repair shops, you give yourself more opportunities to save through customer loyalty programs, since you’ll be able to take your vehicle to the same place for any problems that might arise. For example, the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program grants rewards points for every dollar spent, allowing you to drive down the costs of future automotive parts and repair services with a few clicks.

To determine whether the company in question is a full-service repair shop, all you have to do is visit the company’s Auto Repair Services page. While you may only be in the market for a tire repair, you’ll want to see a long list of services like ours, including:

2.  Find Tire Repair Shops With Strong Reviews

With the rise of authoritative review aggregates like Google My Business, researching quality tire repair shops has never been easier.

In 2021, where 5-10% of consumers regularly write reviews, any competent tire repair shop will have built a strong online reputation. Take your local TIRECRAFT for instance—simply Google the phrase “TIRECRAFT tire repair near me reviews,” and you’ll find entire archives of glowing, 5-star feedback from satisfied customers in your city. That’s just what happens after three decades of dedicated service!

What’s more, thanks to Google My Business’s ever-improving user interface and functionality, many of these reviews now include pictures of successful tire repairs to leave no doubt.

3.  Look For Tire Repair Shops Who Service All Tire Types

According to Driving.ca, one downside to working with dealerships is that they typically focus on servicing newer models, so “the technicians may not have enough exposure to older vehicles and their problems.”

Similarly, dealership and general repair shops may have limited experience with different tire types, which can be a real problem depending on what you drive.

To prevent any disappointments or delays when it comes to your tire repair or replacement, make sure you find tire repair shops who service all tire brands and specialty types. It only takes a few clicks—simply visit their website and take a look at what they’re selling. You want to see all tire brands and tire types—commercial, agricultural, all-terrain, winters, all-seasons, performance tires, etc—and any reference to specialty tire repairs, retreads, or roadside assistance is a major plus.

Get A Free Quote On Quality Tire Repair Near Me: Call TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to find the best tire repair shop near you and book a free consultation with a certified tire technician.


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