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Find The Best Auto Shop Near Me: Putting The Consumer Protection Act To Work

For first-time vehicle owners, finding qualified auto shops can seem like a tall task, but it’s actually quite straightforward, thanks to the standards set by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

To help you find the best auto shop near you, today’s post outlines some CPA criteria you can use to separate the best from the rest.

Read on to level-up your auto shop research skills, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to schedule a free consultation with a qualified auto repair tech near you.

How To Find The Best Auto Shop Near Me: CPA Quality Criteria

1.    The Best Auto Shops Near Me Never Surprise You With Fees

As per section 56(1) of the Consumer Protection Act, “no repairer shall charge a consumer for any work or repairs unless the repairer gives the consumer an estimate.” The only exception to that rule is if:

  • You decline an estimate from the repairer and authorize the work
  • You authorize a maximum amount that you can pay and greenlight the repair
  • The cost of the work or repairs does not exceed the maximum amount you authorized
  • You are told in advance that you will be charged for the estimate and you authorize it

In other words, reputable auto shops never blindside customers with charges.

Shop estimates must also be accurate, with no surprises when it’s time to settle up. As per section 58(2), “no repairer shall charge… an amount that exceeds the estimate by more than 10 per cent.”

2.    The Best Auto Shops Follow CPA Criteria For Written Estimates

Not all shops give written estimates, but those that do must include:

  • Your name
  • Name, address, and contact details of the repair shop
  • Vehicle make, model, license number, and VIN
  • Exact description of repairs/maintenance services to be made
  • Any parts to be installed, and the condition of those parts (e.g. new, used, reconditioned)
  • Price of parts
  • Cost of labour
  • Labour cost calculation (e.g. hourly rate, flat rate, or a combination)
  • Total amount to be billed
  • Estimate date / expiry date
  • Date when repairs are to be completed

If your estimate omits any of this information, look elsewhere—if they’re flouting these simple rules, who knows where else they’re cutting corners!

3.    The Best Auto Shops Follow CPA Criteria For Repair Shop Signs

All repair shops in good standing must display clear signage that tells you:

  • The shop’s estimate policy—quality shops typically offer written estimates, unless you authorize a maximum amount you’re willing to pay
  • The shop’s part return policy—quality shops will return most parts if you want them
  • The shop’s method for calculating rates—e.g. Hourly, flat rate, or a combination
  • The shop’s commission policy

If you know what to look for, you’ll only need a few seconds inside the shop to determine whether or not this mechanic is playing by the rules.

4.    The Best Auto Shops Meet Or Exceed The CPA Warranty Criteria

As per Section 63(1) of the Consumer Protection Act, “every repairer shall be deemed to warrant all new or reconditioned parts installed and the labour required to install them for a minimum of 90 days or 5000 kilometres, whichever comes first.”

If the shop does not meet this warranty requirement, look elsewhere. At TIRECRAFT, we go above and beyond with our Mechanical Warranty, guaranteeing all repair and services will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months of 20,000km.

Book With The Best Auto Shop Near Me: Contact TIRECRAFT

TIRECRAFT is fully compliant with CPA criteria for quality auto shops, and we also offer our clients:

  • One-stop convenience, with a wide range of repair, maintenance and part replacement services available in one place
  • Big savings, thanks to our competitive pricing, and the part and service discounts available through our customer loyalty rewards, Advantage Plus program, and exclusive promotions
  • Unparalleled selection, with all the most popular tires, name-brand parts, and premium accessories available under one roof
  • Peace of mind, with a proven reputation and thousands of glowing reviews for our 300+ shops across Canada

To learn more and get a free quote on any service, contact your local TIRECRAFT.