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Get The Best Tire Prices In 2022: Unlock Summer Savings With TIRECRAFT

As summer fuel costs continue to soar, more drivers are looking for ways to save on automotive essentials, and TIRECRAFT is here to help. Read on to learn how we’re offering the best tire prices and service savings in 2022, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to schedule a free consultation.

Unlock Summer Savings With One-Shop Tire Shopping And Service

To help you save money and free up more time for summer fun, we’re proud to serve as one of Canada’s only true one-stop shops for tire products and services.

When you buy from us and take advantage of our tire prices, you’ll also have the option of completing your installation/changeover service on the spot, along with any recommended maintenance services, such as:

In this way, you can cross your tire purchase, changeover, storage, and maintenance tasks from your to-do list with a single stop, and potentially even bundle these services together to score an additional discount.

What’s more, by sourcing all your upkeep services from your original tire retailer, your technicians get to know your vehicle and tire needs better and better, making inspections, diagnostics, and product/service recommendations more accurate over time, and greatly increasing your odds of early detection of any system or component failures.

Get The Best Tire Prices In 2022: Get Superior Cost Control At TIRECRAFT

In addition to one-stop shop savings and convenience, we’re proud to offer several cost-control policies to help our customers save, both up front and over the long-term. These include:

  • Official tire rebate programs—Thanks to our partnerships with some of the top tire manufacturers in Canada, we’re proud to honour all official tire brand rebate programs, some of which can save you $100 or more on your initial tire purchase. To see what offers are currently active, visit our Promotions page.
  • Exclusive in-store summer tire discounts—In addition to our nationwide participation in official brand rebate programs, many of our shop owners routinely offer local promotions on select products and services. In many cases, these local discounts can be combined with the other cost control policies listed here, giving you access to some of the best tire prices in Canada. To find what’s available at your local shop, contact your local TIRECRAFT.
  • Customer loyalty rewards—Repeat customers can save big thanks to the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program, which allows members to earn discount dollars for every purchase—even those already reduced by seasonal maintenance packages or rebate promotions.
  • Advantage Plus Program—In addition to the best tire prices, we also offer the best prices on tire services. In fact, anyone who signs up for the Advantage Plus Program is eligible for FREE tire repairs and maintenance services, such as tire rotations, the value of which often exceeds the price of a replacement set of tires over the product lifespan.

To start browsing our catalog and get the best tire prices in 2022, contact a TIRECRAFT near you. Every consultation is 100% free.