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Go Green And Save Money With All Season Tires

Reviewing results from the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada “Low Rolling Resistance Tires” report, today’s post highlights the value of fuel-efficient all-season tires, which save you money while they save the planet.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to browse all the top eco-friendly all-season tire options in one place.

Majority Of Canadians Continue To Miss Out On Eco-Friendly All-Season Tires, TRAC Study Shows

Back in 2017, in an effort to measure consumer awareness of eco-friendly tire technology, TRAC researchers conducted a survey of 800 Canadian drivers who were responsible for the maintenance of a personal vehicle.

Looking over the results, one thing’s perfectly clear: Canadians care about the environment—and they’re ready to take action. 87% of survey respondents agreed that drivers have a moral obligation to protect the environment by ensuring their vehicles are as fuel efficient as possible.

Now, with so many Canadians apparently taking responsibility for their role in protecting the planet, it’s probably safe to assume that most people use low rolling resistance tires, right?

Wrong! On the contrary, the TRAC survey showed that roughly three-quarters of Canadian motorists (74%) weren’t even aware of this eco-friendly, fuel-saving all-season tire technology, with 28% indicating they were not very familiar and another 46% not at all familiar. Another 19% said they were somewhat familiar—a 4% increase from the previous year—but only 5% indicated they were very familiar, which is the only actual predictor of low-rolling resistance all-season tire usage.

In fact, despite our nation’s growing environmental consciousness, only “one-in ten” (9%) Canadian motorists are using low rolling resistance tires. That’s a shame, considering the fact that “going green” can also save some green at the pump.

How Much Money Do Eco-Friendly All-Season Tires Save Me?

According to Consumer Reports’ industry studies, every 10% drop in rolling resistance equates to approximately a 1% improvement in fuel economy.

Another study cited by Bridgestone Manufacturers showed that fuel-efficient tires can provide as much as a 10% reduction in average fuel costs, with most averaging 3-4% in savings

And while 1-4% might not seem like much, these modest percentages can really add up over time, potentially saving you thousands at the pump each year.

Browse Low Rolling Resistance All-Season Tires At Your Local TIRECRAFT

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