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Go Green With Michelin All Season Tires: Stop By Your Local TIRECRAFT

Want to make your vehicle more eco-friendly or fuel-efficient? Upkeep is important, but your choice of tires is even more impactful. If going green is your goal, Michelin all-season tires can get you there.

Read on to learn about one of the greenest tires on the market—the Michelin Energy Saver A/S—or contact your local TIRECRAFT to browse all the best eco-friendly options under one roof.

Eco-Friendly Vehicles Need Eco-Friendly Tires

According to research by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC), nearly all (90%) drivers believe “they have a responsibility to protect the environment by ensuring their vehicles are as fuel efficient as possible.”

To make your vehicle more eco-friendly, TRAC recommends:

  • Maintaining proper tire inflation
  • Regularly investing in tire rotations
  • Checking tire alignment at least once per year

But while these preventative maintenance practices are extremely important for fuel efficiency, protecting the planet starts with the choices you make at your local tire shop. If going green is a priority, your choice of tires needs to reflect that, and Michelin all-season tires are a great place to start.

Go Green With Michelin All-Season Tires At Your Local TIRECRAFT

If you’re looking to make your vehicle more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient, without compromising on performance or ride comfort, look no further than the Michelin Energy Saver A/S, which features:

Investing in Michelin all-season tires not only gets you immediate green benefits, but also allows you to support the eco-friendly initiatives of one of Canada’s biggest sustainability innovators. Michelin is working hard to achieve 100% sustainability by 2050, and just two months ago, at the annual Movin’On Summit, Michelin manufacturers unveiled the prototype for a new tire containing 46% sustainable materials. By purchasing a pair of Michelin all-season tires today, you’re supporting their vision for a better tomorrow!

Explore The Michelin All-Season Tire Lineup At Your Local TIRECRAFT

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