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Hankook All Season Tire Reviews: Top Picks For 2021

Founded in 1941, Hankook Tires is one of the youngest players in the major tire market, but their all-season tire offerings quickly put them on the map, delivering a desirable blend of all-season performance, affordability, and excellent tread-life warranties.

But even if your heart is set on Hankook all-season tires, it can be difficult to determine which version is best suited to your vehicle. For example, how do you choose between the Hankook Optimo H426, the Hankook Dynapro HT, and the Hankook Ventus?

Don’t fret—the TIRECRAFT team can help. Contact your local TIRECRAFT to book a tire talk with one of our ASE-certified experts and get personalized Hankook all-season tire recommendations, or read on for a quick rundown of Hankook all-season tire reviews to support your research.

Hankook All-Season Tire Reviews: Top Picks For 2021

The Hankook Optimo H426 All-Season Tire

The Hankook Optimo H426 is designed with a number of exciting features, including:

  • An advanced silicon compound that out-grips carbon compounds in wet conditions, and improves fuel efficiency by lowering rolling resistance
  • New hydrophilic material to enhance wet grip and braking performance
  • Rounded main groove edge to minimize noise arising from the vibration of block edges

Synthesizing results from more than 60 reviews, the Hankook Optimo received a 4.6/5 star rating, with 91% of survey respondents saying they would buy again.

The Hankook Ventus AS All-Season Tire

The Hankook Ventus AS all-season tire is a premium option for luxury and sport-tuned SUV and light truck drivers. It comes in a variety of sizes and premium speed ratings, and brings with it a number of exciting features, including:

  • Durable added nylon belt overlay to help maintain tire roundness at high speeds
  • Specially developed sidewall rubber compound to prevent cracking, abrasions, and other damage caused by accidental scuffs or aging
  • Heavily siped tread blocks with multiple biting edges to provide traction in all-season conditions

After 187 reviews and more than 5-million kilometers of test driving, the Hankook Ventus AS all-season tire earned an overall grade of 71%, with standout marks for wet and dry braking performance.

The Hankook Dynapro HT All-Season Tire

The Hankook Dynapro HT All-season is a premium highway tire that emphasizes maximum tread life and durability. Some key features include:

  • Proprietary new tread rubber compound that simultaneously reduces wear and rolling resistance to help you save fuel
  • Solid and continuous center rib, designed with numerous high-stiffness tread blocks, to keep the tire firm, stable, and responsive at high speeds
  • Multiple circumferential grooves surrounding the tire to reduce the risks of hydroplaning and make for better traction in wet weather

This Hankook all-season tire also gets great reviews online, earning a final score of 4.7/5 overall.

Browse All The Best Hankook All-Season Tires At TIRECRAFT

Since 1990, we’ve been helping Canadian drivers find the very best tires for their vehicles, and we can do the same for you.

If you’re ready to browse all the best Hankook all-season tires under one roof, or you’d like to get personalized recommendations based on your unique driving habits, local weather conditions, and feature wishlist, contact your local TIRECRAFT to get started.