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How To Choose Local Auto Centers: 5 Things To Ask Upfront

Second only to the home, your vehicle is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make, so when the time comes to seek repairs, it’s important to shop smart. To find the best local auto centers, start by asking the following five questions, or contact your local TIRECRAFT for a free quote.

Ask Local Auto Centers: “What Are Your Qualifications?”

When you choose TIRECRAFT, you’re guaranteed service from a technician certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), an independent, non-profit organization created in 1972 “in response to consumers needing to distinguish between potentially incompetent and competent automotive technicians.”

Ask Local Auto Centers: “What Is Your Recommended Maintenance Schedule?”

You can learn a lot about a local auto center by looking at their recommended maintenance schedule. Some unscrupulous shops encourage over-maintenance, recommending services before they’re needed as a means to increase their revenue; others recommend schedules conspicuously absent of important services (e.g. brake inspections or cooling system upkeep), not because they aren’t needed, but because they aren’t offered.

When in doubt, turn to TIRECRAFT. Our maintenance schedule exemplifies industry best practices, including everything you need to keep your vehicle in-shape, and laid out according to a schedule that automotive experts agree on.

Ask Local Auto Centers: “Do You Have Any Reviews?”

In the Digital Age, where as many as 10% of consumers consistently leave reviews for businesses they’ve patronized, it’s only natural for quality auto centers to accrue positive reviews, especially if they’ve been around for some time.

Accordingly, the staff at your local auto center should have no qualms about any requests for reviews. On the contrary, they should be happy to hear it—after all, who doesn’t like to show off a little bit?

TIRECRAFT has been in business since 1968, and we’ve earned thousands of glowing 5-star reviews over the past 50+ years. We have more than 300 locations around the country, but you can simply Google the phrase “TIRECRAFT local auto center review” to inform your research with localized results.

Ask Local Auto Centers: “What Is Your COVID-19 Policy?”

Until the pandemic threat period is over, it’s the joint responsibility of drivers and repair techs to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission and slow the spread in our communities.

To that end, it’s important that you find local auto centers that comply with all COVID-19 safety protocols. After all, if the company in question won’t follow government health regulations, how can you be sure they’ll follow other important shop and vehicle safety protocols?

When you choose TIRECRAFT, you can enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that our team is fully compliant with all public health protocols. In addition to our staff screening, social distancing, masking, and increased hand-washing, you can expect to have all common touchpoints disinfected, including your keys, car interiors, and vehicle door handles. You can read more about our commitment to slowing the spread on our website.

Ask Local Auto Centers: “Can You Work With My Budget?”

While it’s important to manage our expectations when working with a small budget, the best local auto center should offer a number of cost control options, such as:

  • Custom loyalty rewards—Some local auto centers will offer discounts to long-term customers. At TIRECRAFT, every dollar you spend earns rewards points that can be used to drive down the costs of new tires, automotive services, and vehicle accessories.
  • Multiple service levels and product price points—Maybe you cannot afford a complete brake system overhaul at this time, but replacing a few key components can buy you a few more months of safe driving. Or maybe you cannot afford the best winter tires on the market, but you still want a decent specialty set to keep your family safe in the snow. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing—the best local auto centers will offer multiple service options and product price points to try to work with your budget.
  • Tire promotions—The best local auto centers will be allowed to offer tire rebates and other special promotions normally only available when buying directly from the manufacturers. To see our list of active tire promotions, check the TIRECRAFT Promotions page.

Get A Free Quote From A Local Auto Center: Call TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get a free quote from ASE-certified auto repair specialists near you.