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How To Choose The Best High Performance Summer Tires For A Daily Driver

Not all the best high performance summer tires end up on the track. Many buyers use them on their “daily driver” vehicles, and if you’re one of them, today’s post could help you improve ride comfort, tire performance, and fuel efficiency when you buy your next set.

Read on to learn a few tips to choose the best high performance summer tires for everyday errands and work commutes, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

Pick The Best High Performance Summer Tires For Daily Drivers: Smart-Shopping Tips

1.     Know The Different Summer Tire Categories

Summer tires are sold in several different categories, including:

  • Touring-grade tires, which are typically designed for more casual driving applications, delivering a smooth ride, reasonable wet and dry traction, pleasant ride experience, and longer tread life
  • Performance-grade tires, which sacrifice some tread life longevity for the sake of performance, offering a sporty feel with responsive handling, tight cornering, and higher wet and dry traction
  • Track & competition tires, developed almost exclusively for the track, autocross, or drag strip, offering unparalleled track performance and nimble handling, but with short tread life and limited street applications.

Generally speaking, daily drivers will use touring-grade or performance-grade tires. If you need help navigating these broad tire categories, get in touch with a TIRECRAFT technician to start a needs assessment and generate a shortlist of recommendations.

2.     Shop With Your Daily Drive In Mind

Does your daily commute rack up highway miles, or are you a start-and-stop city driver? Different driving demands require different designs.

For example, the Continental ContiSportContact is often recommended for highway drivers due to its:

  • Excellent straight-line stability and smooth ride, provided by a solid centre steering rib
  • Wet grip and hydroplaning protection, courtesy of its open tread shoulder grooves
  • High-speed ratings and braking performance

In contrast, city drivers will be less interested in high-speed performance, focusing instead on cornering capabilities, responsiveness, and protection against the wear-and-tear that comes with start-and-stop commutes.

Whatever the details of your daily drive, our technicians can help you identify and satisfy your unique tire needs.

3.     Keep Fuel Economy At The Forefront

Last month, Natural Resources Canada reported that the average price across the country for regular gasoline hit $2.06 per litre, pushing fuel-efficiency to the top of most tire-buyers’ feature wishlist.

Accordingly, the best high performance summer tires for most daily drivers will come with “low rolling resistance,” which means they’re designed to reduce energy loss as tires roll, increasing fuel efficiency by 5-15%.

Browse All The Best High Performance Summer Tires At TIRECRAFT

To schedule a personalised needs assessment and browse our extensive summer tire catalogue, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website.