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How To Extend The Life Of Michelin Commercial Tires With TIRECRAFT

Michelin commercial tires already outlast most of the competition, but you can get even more tread life for your money by partnering with your local TIRECRAFT. Today’s post explains why.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a Michelin commercial tire expert.

Follow Michelin’s Commercial Tire Maintenance Guidelines At Your Local TIRECRAFT

As the title suggests, chapter four of the Michelin Truck Tire Service Manual, “Extending Tire Life,” is all about getting more drive time out of your commercial tire investment.

Therein, Michelin commercial tire manufacturers recommend the following maintenance and daily driving tips to get more tread life out of your tires:

  • Maintain proper tire inflation to reduce your risk of excessive heat, tire blowout, reduced treadlife, and lower fuel economy
  • Conduct regular tire inspections to detect any signs of damage as early as possible
  • Take regular tread depth measurements to monitor treadwear
  • Watch for bent wheels, improper mounting, or spotting that may cause excessive runout
  • Do not overload your vehicle—consult your manufacturer or TIRECRAFT expert to learn your Michelin commercial tire’s maximum pressure capacity
  • Watch the “wear bars”—Michelin commercial tires contain wear bars in the tread grooves that show up when only 2/32nds of an inch or less of tread remain. If you see your tread is worn level with the wear bar, remove those tires from service ASAP
  • Drive at proper speeds, as indicated in the Michelin data books, or as recommended by your TIRECRAFT specialist
  • Store Michelin commercial tires in a cool place, away from sources of heat and ozone, such as hot pipes or electric motors, and keep them clean of any grease, gasoline, or other substances that could deteriorate the rubber

It’s a lot to keep up with, but TIRECRAFT makes it easy. Bring your vehicle in for maintenance any time, or consider joining the TIRECRAFT Tire Service Network for 24/7 tire solutions, anywhere in Canada and most of the US. We offer all these services and more, with fair pricing set by our predetermined rates.

Get Michelin’s Commercial Tire Warranty At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Michelin commercial tires come with a Limited Warranty that covers against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original tread. Additionally, certain Michelin commercial tires used only in long-haul service, and only according to the instructions contained in the MIchelin Operator’s Manual, may be eligible for coverage for up to 3 retreads for 7 years from the date of manufacture—these tires will be identified with the designation “7 Year / 700,000 MIle / 3-Year Retread Manufacturer’s Limited Casing Warranty.”

When you buy your Michelin commercial tires from your local TIRECRAFT, you get all of the warranty coverage you’d get buying direct from the manufacturer. That’s because TIRECRAFT is an authorized Michelin commercial tire dealer—indeed, you may have even found us by using the Michelin Commercial Tire Dealer & Service Locator.

Additionally, alongside the complete Michelin commercial tire lineup, your local TIRECRAFT carries a comprehensive line of OTR and commercial tires from all the biggest brands, like BFGoodrich and Yokohama, and for all big vehicles, from commercial freight trucks to passenger buses.

To view our complete commercial tire catalog and learn more about how to get access to Michelin’s commercial tire warranty from your local TIRECRAFT dealer, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool and book a free consultation at a shop near you.

Free Michelin Commercial Tire Quote — Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get in touch with one of our 330+ experts around the country and book a free Michelin commercial tire quote and/or maintenance consultation. If you’d like to learn more about the Tire Service Network, fleet managers click here.