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How to Find the Best All Season Tires: 2020 New Buyer’s Guide

All season tires are a great option for those whose budget, driving habits, and local weather conditions aren’t suited to speciality winter or summer tires. Today’s post explains how to find the best all season tires by identifying your unique tire needs and locating trusted local sellers.

Are All-Season Tires Right for Me?

All-season tires benefit drivers in several ways, offering:

  • Tremendous versatility—though they don’t offer the same performance in summer or winter as purpose-built speciality tires, they’re suitable year-round use and approved for mud and snow by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.
  • Cost savings—the best all season are less expensive than snow tires, and they save drivers the costs of seasonal tire changes (roughly 12 tire services for the average 6-year product lifespan). Plus the best all season tires are designed for fuel economy, so you save money at the pump.
  • Better handling in mild weather—Winter tires are designed with wide channels and grooves that capture and push away water and slush. While that’s great for keeping your tires in contact with icy roads and preventing slushplaning, this design isn’t meant for mild weather conditions, where all-seasons excel.

However, all-season tires aren’t designed for harsh winters. If you live in the city or suburbs and enjoy mild Canadian winters, all-seasons tires work great. But they aren’t purpose-built for harsh winters; this is what their M+S (mud and snow) symbol indicates. In contrast, all-weather tires bear the designated mountain snowflake winter tire symbol, which means they meet the minimum requirements for providing traction in harsh conditions. For this reason, all-season tires are sometimes referred to as “three-season tires” by those who experience harsh winters.

So are all-season tires right for you? The answer depends on your driving habits and local weather. If you only experience light flurries and minimal ice in the winter, then all-seasons will do. Indeed, studies show that up to 49% of all Canadians rely on all-season tires to get through the winter. But if ice and heavy snowfall are the norm during the winter months, winter tires are recommended.

Whatever your tire needs and budget, we can help!

Find the Best All-Season Tires Near Me

TireCraft carries all the best all-season tire brands, including:

Both passenger and touring tires are available, with a selection of premium and budget options. Use our Find a TireCraft tool to locate the best all season tire providers in your area—we have locations all across Canada!

Best All-Season Tire Providers During COVID-19

For your own safety and that of your community, it’s critical that you choose a company with effective anti-pandemic protocols in place. At TireCraft, we’re committed to keeping our staff and valued customers safe as we all adjust to the “new normal.” To that end, we’re now offering:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 screenings for customers and staff (and flexibility appointment options to accommodate our clients during these uncertain times)
  • Out-of-shop service options
  • COVID-19-safe service process modifications (e.g. leaving keys in the car for pick-up, restricting showroom access, outdoor consultations, etc)
  • Full disinfecting of all car surfaces
  • Contactless services and appointment booking, and more

We encourage you to review our full COVID-19 notice to learn more about what to expect from the best all season tire providers during these uncertain times.