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How To Find The Best All-Weather Tires For SUVs

The only way to find the “best” all-weather tires for your SUV is to book a personalized tire consultation, during which we’ll discuss your unique needs, help you prioritize different all-weather tire features, then create a shortlist of recommendations based on your assessment.

But if you want a head start on the process, or you’re interested in what all-weather tires consistently top the rankings, read on for some tips from our ASE-certified tire techs.

Best All-Weather Tires For Year-Round Performance

In order to find the best all-weather tires for your SUV, you need to consider your unique driving needs, vehicle type, and budget, which is best done under the guidance of a TIRECRAFT all-weather tire tech.

But while best may be a subjective term, the Toyo Celsius did earn the top spot in 2020 testing by the Automobile Protection Association, which praised the all-weather tire for its cornering, traction and braking abilities, tire life, and asymmetric tread. If you want to learn more about this all-weather tire option, get in touch with our SUV tire specialists.

Best All-Weather Tires For SUVs Doing Heavy Highway Driving

If highway performance is your main priority, we typically recommend closed shoulder tires, those with solid or mostly lost circumferential ribs, because they promote longer mileage and even shoulder wear. This is important for SUVs, since they tend to wear tires out in undulated patterns due to their suspension travel.

However, most all-weather tires use an open shoulder design, breaking up the continual shoulder rib with tread blocks and sipes for increased traction in rain, mud, and snow. That said, many all-weather tires still offer exceptional durability for highway driving—for instance, the Toyo Celsius comes with a rare 100,000km treadwear warranty. Furthermore, with its asymmetric tread—half winter tire, half all-season—the Toyo Celsius can offer highway drivers the best of both worlds.

Here again, only you can decide what’s best—but our all-weather tire techs can help. If highway performance and durability are your main priorities, you might be better off swapping between winter tires and a closed-shoulder highway set. On the other hand, if you’re satisfied with decent year-round highway handling and long tread life, and you want all the cost-savings and convenience that comes with driving on a single set, the Toyo Celsius might be the perfect fit for your SUV.

Best All-Weather Tires For SUVs Doing Heavy Off-Road Driving

All-terrain drivers typically look for high tread void, which refers to the gaps of space between the raised tread blocks on your tires. These gaps give your tires added flexibility, allowing them to bend and adjust to road conditions in order to improve traction, and also help prevent hydroplaning.

Fortunately, many of the traction-boosting properties that all-terrain drivers demand are already built into all-weather tires, which need aggressive tread and high void ratio to be able to grip ice and snow.

However, that doesn’t mean all-weather tires will work for any off-roading excursion, and off-roading with certain all-weather tire brands could even void your treadlife warranty.

To help determine whether all-weather tires are suitable for your SUV’s off-roading adventures, get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT.

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